Go, Go, Power Rangers. Part One

It really goes against my retentive nature to interrupt a chain of posts about one particular picture for another and I have already done so once for The Rocketeer and here I am doing it again but this time in a much bigger way. Don't worry Rocketeer fans, I have not abandoned that piece. I just had to juggle pictures to meet certain deadlines. Now I must first admit that I didn't really want to do this picture at first as I have never seen any episode of the Power Rangers, in any of their incarnations, all the way thru. Saw bits and pieces as others were watching and I happened to be in the room but that is mainly it. So of course I was asked to take part in a pre-show party at Epic Comics here in Orlando the night before a Power Rangers convention. I said yes but I also hesitated on doing a piece for it. I thought I could get away with doing an Ultraman picture instead. No such luck. So I figured if I was going to do a Power Rangers picture, I was going to do the original ones. No brainer, right? I sat down with my tablet and did two concepts rather quickly and then put them up for a vote on Facebook and of course the one with full figures and gestures won. Now I was really committed to it.

Here are those two concept pieces.