Michonne. Part One

My wife, Mindy, has been after me to do a Walking Dead picture for months!!! We watch the show and really enjoy it but neither of us have ever read the comic version. I think that it's ok that we have not as we are totally experiencing it for the first time. I know that Kirkman has changed it up a bit but you know what I mean. So since I am going to at Spooky Empire this year (my first time!), I thought it would be a good idea to have SOME horror stuff to put out there. And like my wife, people said "Do the Walking Dead"! I finally relented after I mentally accepted the fact that I don't have to draw the entire cast in one picture. I can do that later! One main character would be enough for now and Michonne and her zombies seemed like a fun choice. I doodled the idea down in my sketchbook while in car line and then brought it into Photoshop to over-work once again, but at least I knew where I was heading!

Here are the doodle and the expanded version.

Here is yet another variation on the zombie.