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The Second Doctor, Jamie and a Yeti!

Done! I really like that this is in black and white and was a bit more challenging that I anticipated. Really need to take notice of all the values. Hope I did that well enough. Can't wait to get this one printed!! I have to say, the 2nd Doctor is SO much fun to draw!

This piece is also now available as a t-shirt, sticker or an iPhone case at my Red Bubble store. Prints will be available soon as well.

The Second Doctor, Jamie and Yeti. Part Three

Almost done! Thankfully my freelance workload was light this week and I was really able to crank on this! I (thankfully) know that this will not last either. Actually had to scrap plans for one of my pieces to have ready for Hurricane Who this year. It's ok as I will have four new Who pics as well as other art to offer. Plus, I think I will be able to use my concept in the not to distant future with the 12th Doctor in it instead. Anyway, here is the flat vector version of the pic all ready for paint and texture and my value study with the pencil drawings as well.


The Second Doctor, Jamie and Yeti. Part Two

Inking is done and it's looking great! I don't know what I did different but I am really inspired by my drawing of Troughton. I wish all my work held up as well. Once I had my line work all set I quickly set about filling it with flat color as I always do at this stage. It wasn't until I was done that I had to stop myself since I finally remembered that this picture was going to be black and white! I duplicated my color layers and re-filled them with grayscale tones. I kept the color just in case I might need a color version in the future. In fact, I know when I will need it but that is for another time.

The Second Doctor, Jamie and Yeti. Part One

Last year at Hurricane Who ( a Doctor Who convention in Orlando for the un-informed) Frazer Hines was a guest. He played Jamie McCrimmon alongside the second Doctor, Patrick Troughton. For one reason or another, I just didn't have time to do a piece with either of them in it in time for the show. I didn't really get much of a chance to talk with Mr. Hines much but he did stop by my table to glance at my work and he did inquire why I didn't have a picture of him and I explained as I just have done for you. He smiled and said, "maybe tomorrow then?". I chuckled with him and said something totally forgettable. I know that because I have obviously forgotten. The next day he walks by my table again ( I was right by the door ), and asks if I finished his picture. Now I am stunned because I obviously didn't. Even if I managed to get a drawing done there was no way I could have it painted and printed that fast. My heart sank and I made a weak apology and did indeed p…

Some fun stuff

Here are two items that I already shared over on my Facebook page that I thought I would post here as well. I made a time lapse video of the Rocketeer piece, my first one in a long time, and people seem to like watching and I also have a coloring sheet that you can save and print for the kids to color with whatever strikes their fancy.


The Rocketeer

AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! IT"S DONE!!!!!!! I can't belive it myself and I can't contain myself!! This turned out so much better than I thought. SO much anxiety going into this one and I can't believe I avoided it for so long. Maybe I needed to for it to come out like this. Who knows? I like it! I really hope you like it as well!! Will have prints of this for sure.


This piece is also available as a t-shirt, sticker or an iPhone case! Check it out over on my Red Bubble store. Prints will be available soon!

Drawing The Rocketeer. Part Eight

The Rocketeer is painted!! I totally saved the best for last and I actually think this came out better than I expected. I was pretty nervous about The Rocketeer himself as I didn't want to do any injustice to Dave Stevens classic character and yet wanted to infuse a bit of myself into it as well. Now to put it all together!! I can't wait!

Drawing The Rocketeer. Part Seven

NOW it really feels like I am dragging this out. I am. I had to buy myself some time to actually finish this piece as I had other things to work on at the same time. I am being totally honest with you. Is it better with me being honest? So here are all the parts that I actually hate about making pictures. Drawing "stuff"!! I still cringe when I have to draw buildings, cars and such. At least this building is a giant dog and the car is an airplane!

Tune in tomorrow for what we both really want to see.

Drawing The Rocketeer. Part Six

Did you think I was going to show you The Rocketeer on this post?? Because I actually made a reference to it on the last post?? Sorry. I am holding out him not to tease you (well maybe just a little) but I am keeping him for last for my benefit too. My dad always said, "save the best for last." Now, he was talking about eating my vegetables or such at dinner, but I think it applies in other aspects of life as well. But who doesn't love Alan Arkin???


Now I thought I could move on to other parts but I was wrong. Almost as soon as I was done, I realized that I painted him wrong. Well, specifically, I lit him incorrectly. Here is where I thank God that I am working with digital media.


Drawing The Rocketeer. Part Five

Jenny is inked and painted and right here being shared with you. Because that's the kind of guy I am!! Once again I am going to state how tough it is for me to draw beautiful people. Thank goodness that that Billy Campbell is wearing his helmet in my pic and that Jennifer Connelly is not as good looking as my wife!

Drawing The Rocketeer. Part Four

Hey! Remember this piece I started on way back in the day?? I didn't TOTALLY abandon the piece, I just had to keep pushing it to the back of the line as I don't really need it until MegaCon next spring so everything else just kept cutting in line. I actually do still have other pieces that need to be done before this one so I fully expect that this may get bumped again. I have been sneaking a bit of work on it here and there. If I am anything, I am a productive procrastinator. Meaning if I have something that needs to get done, you know I am working on something else until the priority can't be ignored any longer. I really need to work on that. So here are bits and of progress on The Rocketeer himself. Final pencils and inks that is!


Freddy Krueger!

Done! One of the most iconic of the Hollywood monsters! At least in my opinion. I think it's brilliant that the character invades your dreams and that he is so creepy (and funny) that you go home after seeing the movie and (what else?) have nightmares about him!!

Sweet Dreams!

Freddy Krueger. Part Three

Color is blocked in and it is looking like a cartoon! What a weird cartoon that would be. I also have the basic background all ready to go also and have put Freddy into it. All that is left to do is paint it and add textures!!

Freddy Krueger. Part Two

Wait. One character and I am not showing his face?? Am I cheating or being clever??? I don't really know. I didn't think about it like that. I was just trying to "emulate" the suspense from the movie as you didn't get a clear view of Freddy right away. Something I think they should have followed in Disney's Beauty and the Beast as they showed the Beast too soon and that great shot of him stepping into the light so Belle could see him better is watered down as a result. THAT should have been our first clear view of the Beast!! Wow!! I digress in a big way. I didn't plan that either. Never thought a post about Freddy Krueger would find a Disney comparison when I sat down to type this. Maybe I should plan these things and make drafts and bullet points. Yeah right!! I laughed at that too.

Pencil drawing and inks. Enjoy!

Freddy Krueger. Part One

Is Freddy a classic monster?? In my last post I stated that I would do a classic monster next and I did Freddy Krueger. He's been around long enough now right?? Long enough to get a remake so he must be classic. I know I am right about this. I think Freddy originally came about when I finally found the courage to watch horror movies. I don't just mean the classic Universal horror movies, but the current, well, 1980's current, movies being shown in the theatre. I don't think I saw Freddy in the theatres to be honest. I think I had to wait to rent it on a videocassette. I am now wondering how many more times I can date myself in this post! I actually thought I was going to do the Frankenstein monster when I initially made the comment earlier, so I kind of surprised myself when I actually sat down and worked out the Freddy Krueger piece from a doodle I had done earlier. I think I may have even posted it on Facebook but I am really too lazy to go back and check. I am going…