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Merry Christmas 2014

I hope you all have  a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And if interested, here are some of the sketches and mock ups leading up to this year's card.

"I'm Batman!"

I recently got Michael Keaton's Batman movies on DVD. I had them on VHS years ago but never seemed to get the upgrade. A friend of mine had duplicates and I was able to snag them. As I had not been feeling well, I was spending lots of nights on the couch as to not infect or disturb my wife as she slept. I finally watched both movies as well as all the bonus features and then stared in total disbelief that the first movie came out way back in 1989!! Seems like yesterday. I remember the excitement of it all in those pre-internet days. The magazine articles, the newspaper clippings. I even saved most of them as I did for Superman:The Movie. It was finally Batman's turn. I went out on my lunch break from my job at the bank and bought movie tickets on the day that it opened. We ordered pizza and screened the 1960's movie as a large group of my friends ate before heading back out to the theatre. It was a great night. So recently Michael Keaton was asked his thoughts on the comm


It seems that I am not alone in thinking that the "dark and gritty" version needs to be the only one out there. The love-hate relationship with the Adam West version seems to be back in the "love" mode once again and it could not come at a better time with the (finally!) release of the '66 series on disc! I know I am going to have to wait on that one as it's a hefty price. Maybe I can pick up a used one in a few months or a year. Heck, I waited this long. So with a bit of free time I wanted to take a small break from all my other artistic commitments and just do a simple sketch and I thought it was high time for another Batman. Enjoy!


The most requests I ever get since I started doing conventions has been for the long running TV show, Supernatural. I have always known about the show but mostly because my wife and I were huge fans of Gilmore Girls and of course, Dean from Gilmore Girls became Sam on Supernatural. Why didn't we watch it? I really don't know. Maybe because I have a fear of demonic things and my wife is terrified of vampires. But the show just kept going!! And people kept asking me about drawing the Winchester brothers. So finally, we relented and decided to check it out as most of the series is available on Netflix. We love it!! Granted, as of this writing we are only on season two so far but I don't think we will be stopping at any point and hope to catch up. Granted, I am still a wuss and won't watch it right before I head off to bed! Have to follow an episode with a comedy. House rules! So I finally sat down and committed myself to doing a Supernatural piece and it was a lot of fun

Hurricane Who 5 and the 5th Doctor!

So I just completed being at Hurricane Who here in Orlando once again and it was really wonderful to see so many people that I have met over the years be there all once again to catch up and have some fun. Plus I really love Doctor Who. Once again the always great Terry Malloy (Davros) was there as well as my first Doctor, Peter Davison. Now you might remember that Mr. Davison was there a few years ago and I found it ironic that the first Doctor that I discovered on screen would be the first one for me to meet in person as well. He was polite and seemed very nice, if not reserved. So, since I had some free time after updating my multi-Doctor piece, I thought of doing another 5th Doctor picture as well. Always fun finding bits of photos from here and there and "frankenstiening" them together to make a new pose and then painting it! Here is my 5th Doctor!! And now an amusing story of what happened Saturday night at the event. Seated next to me was Ingrid Oliver, who p

The Twelve Doctors!

So here it is. I don't know if it was "long awaited", but it had to be done. One of my most viewed posts here at my blog as been for my 11 Doctors piece several years ago and since then people have been looking at it pretty regularly. I guess you could say that it is the picture that I have become known for. If you consider that I am known. And I am not. So not only did I finally add Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor into the foreground as he should be, but I have also changed the art for the 2nd, 5th and 6th Doctors as well! Enjoy!!

12th Doctor. 'Toon Style!

It's been a while now since I have drawn in my "toon style" look but I knew that it was inevitable that I would again as I enjoy it so much even if it is more work than people think it is. Oddly enough, the realistic paintings are MUCH easier and faster to do. The reason is that I know ahead of time what they are supposed to look like. Simple as that. There is no designing phase and endless trial and error in my sketchbook about the shape of the head or the nose. But what I do love about the cartoon versions is the complete freedom it gives me. I am not bound by my reference! The other reason that it was inevitable to do this was that I just had to update my Doctor Who picture that features all the actors in the role (well, all except Peter Cushing and John Hurt). The drawings leading up to the final are scattered among many pages in my sketchbook and you may be able to spot a few here and there from my Facebook posts. Straight up, I am far too lazy to hunt them all down

The Most Interesting Man in the World is.............Bill Murray!

Well of course it is! Who doesn't like Bill Murray?? Groundhog Day? Ghostbusters?? Meatballs?? Caddyshack??? The list goes on and on and I am sure that everyone out there has a favorite Bill Murray movie. If not, you probably stopped reading this one already. I have seriously NO clue as to what motivated me to paint this. None! I didn't have a fever or anything at the time, but oddly enough, I am just getting better from having one since painting it. Maybe I time traveled and did this out of order?? Doing "mash-ups" is not really my thing as my brain just doesn't work that way so as to why I suddenly felt the urge to depict Bill as the Dos Equis guy and add a nod to the "Stripes" poster was something of a shock for me. It just seemed natural and it helped narrow down the type of reference I needed of Bill as I wanted him to have his beard. The piece came together quite quickly and I was pretty please in the end, even if it didn't look like him to me

Peter Capaldi IS The Doctor!

So the 12th Doctor has premiered and the chatter has been all over the inter-webs. Love him? Hate him? He really is like a head of state in the fact that everyone has an opinion in not just who should be The Doctor but how he is performing in the role as well. I try to avoid most conversation regarding faith and politics but I must admit that I find myself in deep conversations (debates) about Doctor Who. I just recently got sucked into an online debate over the numbering of Capaldi within the myth. I say he is the twelfth (obviously based on the title of this post) but there are factions out there that say he is the 13th or even the 14th. I will state my opinion here, because this is MY blog after all, and you can state yours in the comments section or on your own blog. Fair enough? Good. I think he is the 12th since even tho 10 "regenerated" twice, doesn't make him two different Doctors! I also don't count John Hurt's War Doctor since he didn't call himself

Another Superman!

Just can't seem to stop this train that I am on. Now, while I went on with nostalgia in my previous two Superman posts, I have no such affection for the original actor to don the cape and boots. I never saw then shown on TV as a kid and only occasionally saw his picture in articles written about Superman in various newspapers or magazines. I knew OF him, but never saw his two movie serial outings until I received copies of them on VHS one Christmas. They were fun to watch but obviously not great stuff. The two biggest things of note were that Noel Neil (who famously played Lois Lane in TV's The Adventures of Superman with George Reeves from season two onward) also played Lois here. The other was that Superman turned into an animated cartoon to fly! Was not nearly as good as the Captain Marvel serial from the same era. Oh well. Fun stuff at least. Here is a quick Kirk Alyn. Enjoy!

Strange Visitor from Another Planet!

A friend of mine recently told a story that happened to him at his job recently. He basically made a reference to an old TV show (Burns and Allen I believe) and nobody had any idea what he was talking about. Why would they not know? How did he know about it (he is too young to have seen it as well) and not his younger co-workers. Cable TV is the simple answer. To kids my age, we grew up without it and had to watch re-runs of classic shows long since gone. Heck, I remember being floored to find out that Walt Disney died before I was even born! "How?? I JUST saw him on Sunday night!!??" Where am I going with all this? To Superman of course. I grew up watching re-runs of The Lone Ranger, Batman and of course, The Adventures of Superman! I loved them all and watched them every single day after school. I wore a red towel around my neck and underpants on top of my blue pajamas and loved it!! I still remember my dad drawing out the "S" and having my grandmother sew it onto


Yes it's Superman! Strange visitor from another planet....". Right. Wrong Superman. But I love George too so it's cool. Superman is by far one of my all time favorite movies. I have gone on and on about this before so no need to completely bathe in those same waters for a second time. This one is a true labor of love and I still get chills when I listen the the Superman Theme by John Williams. I will go out on a limb here and state that I really wish Chris Reeve was given better movies past the first one to shine as Superman. I know that the second film was a hit but I found it too humorous and with all the added powers and story lines it just didn't come off as Superman to me. Even more so with all the movies that followed. But, the first one is still a shining light in the darkness. "You'll believe a man can fly." And I did!!!

New York Bound!

No. I am not relocating back to the north east. I recently got word that I was accepted to be part of New York Comic Con's Artist Alley. Well, technically I was on the waiting list and a spot opened for me but I made it none the less! I am thrilled. Being from that area, I attended the New York shows a lot growing up. I have vivid memories of going with friends, being dropped off right in the city, riding the ferry in, and once even braving a snow storm by my own car to get there. I bought stuff, I saw panels and slide shows, saw Colin Baker as the Doctor for the first time at one!!! I not only met comic legends like John Byrne and Jack Kirby but I even got my first real artist critique from these shows. They were much smaller by today's extravaganzas. Most of the ones I went to were still held in hotels! Times have changed as has the industry but I don't know if it has been for the better or worse for the wear, but it has changed. I guess I am sounding like an old man now!

"Like a hood ornament!"

How did I start off my last post? Something about not wanting to go back and re-draw what I have in my inventory? Yeah. That didn't seem to stick. But what can I do?? I love these characters so much and I just have to be able to express myself and this is the only way I know how. It's not a bad thing, is it?? Nah! I mean, Curt Swan drew more than one picture of Superman didn't he? More about Superman later. So, I had some Rocketeer on the brain recently and as you can surmise from the previous paragraph, I drew him again. And I really enjoyed it too!! I did. From start to finish, this one was a complete joy. Okay. That was a lie. I rendered the back ground in vector form and drawing buildings is boring enough, let alone in vector. But the rest was sheer bliss! I swear!! Okay. That was a lie as well. The precipice that he stands on was a bit of challenge to work into the design, but I did it! Right?? Oh, who gives a shit if it was hard or easy? Nobody remembers anything bu

Sherlock Revisited

I don't want to make it a habit of going back and doing new versions of my inventory but my love of the show Sherlock and the overwhelming requests I get at shows led me to finally sit and think about how to approach this for the second time. And not just with a different style of painting. Although, I was just struck with the thought of literally just repainting the same picture in two styles! That suddenly seems like a fun project to at least make an attempt at. But now, which one?? I'll give that more time for thought later when I actually have free time to think about it! I can't believe how much time has passed since I last blogged! Seems that more and more time is being taken by the immediacy of my Facebook page ( ) rather than here. Is that the nature of the internet? Has the tide shifted so? Don't worry. I'm not about to abandon my blog just yet. I still find it cathartic to sit and type sometimes and even ramble

With One Magic Word.....

I love Captain Marvel! I remember my father telling me about him when I was a REALLY little boy and then watching him on Saturday morning television. Of course the version I saw was not the same one as my dad, but the character was essentially the same: Billy Batson says the magic word SHAZAM and is transformed into Captain Marvel. It is quintessential childhood wish fulfillment! It was many years later that I finally got to watch the 1941 serial that dad watched when it came out on VHS. I just wish I could have watched it with him. I have just recently watched it again (now on DVD) with my son and we both loved it!! He always seemed more fun and lighthearted than Superman and that was fine by me. Change of pace is sometimes a nice thing. I can look back now and understand tho, why his comic book didn't catch on when he re-appeared in the DC universe in the 1970's. In fact, the history of the character (and his influences like Miracleman) are just as, if not more, interesting t

10th Doctor and Rose!

People have been asking me to do a picture with Rose for a while now. I always thought that I would pair her with the 9th Doctor tho and use Martha or Donna with 10. I kinda got talked out of that. I guess I could still do a 9th Doctor and Rose pic and have her bigger hair and maybe Mickey? Maybe not. Anyway, I, of course, loved David Tennant in the role and was finally excited to draw him again. I think I may have drawn him more than any other Doctor and that was not a conscious decision. Most of the time they were "painting exercises" and just kept using him as a model. Most were done during his tenure so it made sense. I do not consider this one to be an exercise tho. But then again, aren't they all?? Enjoy!

The Invisible Man!

So just recently I did my second horror convention here in Orlando. Was much more at ease this time around since I knew what to expect this time and had some friends working the show as well. Last time I seemed anxious about not having any pictures that would appeal to a horror crowd and decided to pump a few pics out. This time, I thought, that I would not do that again as my big sellers were still Doctor Who and such. Then the week before the show came and I got anxious again and decided to do a "simple" piece so I would have something. I decided to go the classic route but I didn't want to just dive right in with a Dracula or Frankenstein Monster piece. So I went with The Invisible Man. Enjoy!

Black Widow!

Ya know, sometimes you make a picture because you think it will go well with another one of your pictures. Maybe in my subconscious I just assumed that The Black Widow would just go good with my Captain America picture. Was that based on anything other than the fact that they were both featured in The Winter Soldier? Most likely, yes! I don't think I would have paired them together mentally before that movie came out. And to be totally honest here, I am not even that big of a Scarlett Johansson fan! I mean, she's a decent actress I think but I have never gone out of my way to see her in a movie. I know I will take a lot of heat for that but I am just being honest. Some people have pointed out to me that I don't paint enough women. That is true but not intentional either. I know that I suffer from a form of "hero worship" and simply gravitate to the hero of the comic or movie. If I had to psycho analyze myself I am sure that it is some deep rooted insecurity that

Jelly Baby?

I know that many people consider Tom Baker to be the definitive version of the Doctor. Like many, I adore Tom's portrayal of the time lord but he is not "my Doctor". I actually discovered him after Peter Davison and Jon Pertwee and for an American, that is a bit odd. But that was the timing of it when I first got turned on to Doctor Who and what was airing at the time. Tom is very fun to draw tho with that big expressive face! All "teeth and curls" to be sure, and not to mention those eyes!! This was a fun one to work on. I hope you like it. Enjoy!

Dallas Comic Con!

If you are in the Dallas area, stop by and see me in Artist Alley A51, May 16-18!! My first time in Texas and am looking forward to it!!

The Dude Returns!

No. This is not about a sequel to the movie. It's really about me being not as satisfied with my last venture with the good Mr. Lebowski. I know. He's not Lebowski; he's the dude. The first picture I painted of The Dude was very much inspired by sheer inspiration and not much thought was given to composition or much else. Not that it's a bad thing, it's just what it is. But I decided that I wanted to re-explore the possibilities of the characters and dip into the waters for a second time. Plus I had the portraits of Donnie and Walter already done and it was a waste to not let them be seen. I have to say that I am pleased with how this came out. I enjoy adding the little touches like the name of the bowling alley and the sponsors on the bottom and think that it really shows that I do care about the small stuff too. I hope you enjoy re-visiting this again as well.

Does Whatever a Spider Can!

Spider-Man has always been pretty much at the top of my superhero food chain. Maybe it was the fact that Peter Parker was basically a kid or maybe that he was very rooted in New York which was so close to home. I remember just about every weekend we would visit relatives across the bridge and I was always looking up to the tops of the buildings imaging, and waiting to see, Spider-Man swinging. My old sketchbooks and drawings in the backs of notebooks are FILLED with Spider-Man! I love drawing him. I find it ironic now that for the very reasons I loved drawing him as a kid is what bothers me now as an adult. The simplicity of him makes it easy. Once you figure out how the web pattern works, it's just a naked figure with no facial features to worry about. No nose, eyes, mouth, ears, etc. I see now that it was a stroke of genius when he was designed for an artist who had to crank out those comic pages back in the early sixties. Well done Mr. Ditko (and Mr. Kirby!)!! But for a painter