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The Other Captain Jack

Jack Harkness that is. Are you a fan of Doctor Who and/or Torchwood?? If you are then you know who I am talking about. I have been meaning to do a Jack Harkness piece for a while and I found that it seemed to have worked out now since I should be working on something else. Ha! So anyway, I figured it was a good time actually since John Barrowman is scheduled to be at MegaCon here in Orlando this March. So no time like the present!!

Here is the composite pencil drawings. The rough sketch was originally done in my sketchbook and scanned in and then drawn over while working on my tablet.

And here is the final piece.


Better, Faster, Stronger!

To any child of the 70's you know that heading and what it refers to. The Six Million Dollar Man may be my second favorite character of all time. I would LOVE to meet Lee Majors! I know I have dipped in these bionic waters before but it has been some time and I am obviously trying desperately to live up to my reputation of being a productive procrastinator. That's a thing. I got that. If you have been following me of late you have noticed that I have become very preoccupied with going back to my roots and drawing and painting more realistically than I have in a very long time. I do that. Sometimes that leads to a very schizophrenic thought process and creative drive, but that is who I am. I have always prided myself on being "versatile". I may have mentioned previously of my aversion to realistic work in the recent past. If I have, you have my permission to skip forward, if you have not heard it, stay with me. My big problem, and it's MY problem, I don't thin…

Captain Mal

I have been fooling around with painting more representationally again recently as you saw with my Mad Man with a Box and the Impossible Girl post recently. Before I did that, I had done another "test piece" very similar to my Bilbo piece. Tried to keep it loose and painterly and utilized my phone and big fingers to help with that. Since I had started work on a Firefly picture, I used some of the reference I had already found for Captain Malcolm Reynolds. Here is what I came up with:

I was initially content with it but that was it. It was simply a test. No biggie. But then I had to go ahead and paint the Doctor Who piece and then my world changed! Being the lazy ass that I am, I wanted to see if my Doctor picture was a one time deal and I had to find out fast. I already had the working file and the pieces in place so I simply went back to Captain Mal. Had to work a bit backwards since parts were done. I really only wanted to re-paint the head and shoulders so I had to go bac…

Mad Man with a Box and the Impossible Girl

I had no intention of painting this picture. Well, maybe one but it was the fall of this past year and the picture looked like this back then:

It's just a sketch but then I decided against it for a number of reasons, none of which really matters now. Then a series of events happen, as they tend to, that led me down a path that I was really unprepared for. Firstly, the Drew Struzan documentary was released on Netflix and my wife and I just had to sit down to watch that! Then, in a rather fast manner, I wound up signing up and agreeing to a "road trip" for the Wizard World New Orleans comic convention in early February. The show where the recently departed Doctor, Matt Smith would be appearing. I initially thought that I was not going to be doing anything special art-wise for this as I had plenty of Doctor Who art and the Weeping Angel picture already in my stable of offerings. I was good and was staying pat. Or so I thought. I had been recently experimenting with a looser…

The Funky Phantom!

Finally here. The big reveal. Very pleased with this even tho I know that many people have no clue what I have been rambling on about for so long with this re-visit of an obscure cartoon from my youth. Even if you don't know the show, I hope that you like the craft (can I call it that?) that went into the making of a picture at least. I think my characters are pretty strong and the line work is solid. I am really happy with the warm and cool lighting of the pic as well. I must admit that I am quite happy with the result as that was a bit trickier than I anticipated.


Here is an added bonus. I made one of my "time-lapse" videos of the making of the pic. This is a fun one!

The Phantom Ink that is so Funky!

I'm having fun with the titles of the blog entries. Just thought I would continue the journey that has been the Funky Phantom (reduex? update??). The inking was fun as always and I merged all the characters together at this stage and pretty much inked them as a whole. I think that the characters look pretty solid at this stage. That's a good thing.

New Year Starts Off Funky.

Yup. It's a new year and even tho my production slows to a crawl over the holiday season (I'm not complaining), I did manage to get some work in from time to time and moved forward with the Funky Phantom. I am really happy with this pic and it might be because that I have taken my time and not rushed anything. I am happy with the drawings and the inking and think that the characters are very strong and I like how they are all working together as well. Good things come to those who wait is what they always say. So here are all the final pencil drawings. I did the three main characters all together this time to keep them in the clear. I oddly thought that it might speed things up as well. How ironic.