Better, Faster, Stronger!

To any child of the 70's you know that heading and what it refers to. The Six Million Dollar Man may be my second favorite character of all time. I would LOVE to meet Lee Majors! I know I have dipped in these bionic waters before but it has been some time and I am obviously trying desperately to live up to my reputation of being a productive procrastinator. That's a thing. I got that. If you have been following me of late you have noticed that I have become very preoccupied with going back to my roots and drawing and painting more realistically than I have in a very long time. I do that. Sometimes that leads to a very schizophrenic thought process and creative drive, but that is who I am. I have always prided myself on being "versatile". I may have mentioned previously of my aversion to realistic work in the recent past. If I have, you have my permission to skip forward, if you have not heard it, stay with me. My big problem, and it's MY problem, I don't think that anyone else should think this way, is that in this day and age with just about every photograph ever taken available at your fingertips, I don't really care for seeing a painted or drawn portrait and being able to at once recognize the original photo it was derived from. It's not a bad thing to work that way. I know many people that do and do it wonderfully, the problem is strictly with me. That being said, to work in a purely representational manner pretty much requires you to be faithful and dependent on the reference. And it's not like I can call a photo shoot of Lee Majors circa 1974 to use pics nobody has a memory of. So what are you going to do? In some cases, I do "Frankenstein" multiple pictures together to form new pictures before painting but in all honesty, that can be a long process. I did do it for my Matt Smith painting recently but only on him, not with the companion that is in the picture with him (Clara). With this piece, I did merge heads and bodies and painted things out and such but most of that was for naught as I really just went with head shots anyway and only hinted at the torsos that I labored over. Best laid plans they say. Oh well, I think I have rambled on long enough as I know you hare really here to see pretty pictures. At least I hope you think they are pretty.