Captain Mal

I have been fooling around with painting more representationally again recently as you saw with my Mad Man with a Box and the Impossible Girl post recently. Before I did that, I had done another "test piece" very similar to my Bilbo piece. Tried to keep it loose and painterly and utilized my phone and big fingers to help with that. Since I had started work on a Firefly picture, I used some of the reference I had already found for Captain Malcolm Reynolds. Here is what I came up with:

I was initially content with it but that was it. It was simply a test. No biggie. But then I had to go ahead and paint the Doctor Who piece and then my world changed! Being the lazy ass that I am, I wanted to see if my Doctor picture was a one time deal and I had to find out fast. I already had the working file and the pieces in place so I simply went back to Captain Mal. Had to work a bit backwards since parts were done. I really only wanted to re-paint the head and shoulders so I had to go back and draw it now. Here is a nifty progression picture of the development of the drawing.

I was pretty happy with this. There was actually a much messier version but I am sparing you that. Ha! The joys of Photoshop! Once I was able to line this up back into my painted file, I was able to focus on the parts I wanted to render. I came out of it pretty pleased! I also cropped the pic a bit more.