Eight and the War Doctor

As I have stated in the past, I am a big fan of the Eighth Doctor and was tickled pink when he finally returned to the screens this past November in the minisode leading up to the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. Brilliant as always, Paul McGann is every bit "The Doctor" and I, for one, would welcome another return. Now, maybe it's my love of McGann that clouds my judgement, but I am on the fence with the War Doctor as played by John Hurt. I think he did a wonderful job in the role and is always brilliant, but I am not a fan of effectively retro fitting the history of the show and setting of countless debates about the proper numbering of the Doctors. When I think back, I think it would have been even a bigger shock at the end of "The Name of the Doctor" episode, after Clara has entered the Doctor's time stream to have Paul McGann be the one to turn around at the end for the cliffhanger! I think that McGann should have been the "War Doctor". For years fans have assumed that he was the one who fought the war anyway and the fans all thought that he should have had another go at the character on screen as well and this would have filled both bits. Plus the fact that he is also a brilliant actor would still have made the 50th anniversary episode a memorable one. But alas, I am not in charge of Doctor Who and like many, just have my opinions.

So here is my simple piece with Paul McGann as The Doctor and John Hurt as the War Doctor.