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Off To See the Wizard!

My son is in the school play. They are putting on a production of The Wizard of Oz and while he is not one of the leads, he does have a speaking role as well as the munchkin mayor and assorted other bit parts. Several costume changes for him. Meanwhile, I volunteered to make the cover of the program for them and then my wife volunteered me to paint some of the digital sets that are projected onto screens and monitors to help enhance the physical sets that will be onstage. I don't really think painting scenery is my forte by any means, but these turned out to be fun to do. Hoping they look good in person and I still have to finish the program cover! Used myself as reference as the Wizard but I did exaggerate some parts like my now missing mustache and the size of my forehead! I only know one person with one THAT big.


Don't Make Me Angry....

Who doesn't love The Hulk?? The rampaging monster with a heart of gold! Does he still have that? To be fair, I have not really read a Hulk comic in many years. My memories stem from the iconic run of the 1970's with those terrific Ernie Chan covers and the TV show with Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno. I have seen the movies, and that does include The Avengers as that has the best film Hulk, in my humble opinion, to date. Would love to see another Hulk movie! As some of you know, my wife just went thru radiation treatment for breast cancer. To lighten the mood when we first visited the facility, I kept humming the old theme song and asked the doctors when I could expect to see the manifestation of any super-powers. Not all of them appreciated that.

So here is my Hulk. I did base much of my reference on the Avengers version but I did make some adjustments to bring him a bit closer to the original Kirby design. I spread out his eyes, increased his brow and upper lip and lifted his no…

The Dude Abides

One of my all-time favorite movies is The Big Lebowski. And from what I have encountered since it came out is either you love the film or you have not seen it. I am sure I am wrong and that people will jump now to point out that they not only saw the film but hated it. Sounds like your problem man and that type of aggression will not stand. I don't really know why I suddenly decided to paint The Dude but I wish I did since I really didn't plan any aspect of it. No studies. No composition. Nothing. Not usually a great way to work. Sure, you might let the muse just guide you on occasion and let "whatever" happen, but then I found myself in a situation of wanting to add things that I didn't leave room for. I went back and forth for days with whether I should add Walter and Donnie to the pic and even went so far as to actually draw and paint them and shoe-horn them into the piece. Was never really satisfied with what I came up with (read: lack of planning!) and I had…

Boba Fett!

Who doesn't love Boba Fett?? I know people that don't like or have never seen Star Wars and still think this guy is cool! He was the best thing about the Star Wars Holiday Special!! Seriously. With only a handful of lines and not even really doing much, he captured the imagination of a generation of geeks. Myself included. He was one of my favorite Star Wars figures as a kid, I still look for cool figures of him now in fact. A few years back, I had the pleasure to meet and spend some time with Jeremy Bulloch himself at a small (back then) Doctor Who convention (Hurricane Who) and he could not have been any nicer. He came up to me as I was just finishing setting up, complemented my work and engaged me in some conversation. At first, I didn't even know who I was talking to until I finally glanced at his name badge. Like I said, super-nice guy. I also like to tell people that Boba Fett sat in my car! He did! As I was preparing to leave the already mentioned show, Mr. Bulloch …