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With One Magic Word.....

I love Captain Marvel! I remember my father telling me about him when I was a REALLY little boy and then watching him on Saturday morning television. Of course the version I saw was not the same one as my dad, but the character was essentially the same: Billy Batson says the magic word SHAZAM and is transformed into Captain Marvel. It is quintessential childhood wish fulfillment! It was many years later that I finally got to watch the 1941 serial that dad watched when it came out on VHS. I just wish I could have watched it with him. I have just recently watched it again (now on DVD) with my son and we both loved it!! He always seemed more fun and lighthearted than Superman and that was fine by me. Change of pace is sometimes a nice thing. I can look back now and understand tho, why his comic book didn't catch on when he re-appeared in the DC universe in the 1970's. In fact, the history of the character (and his influences like Miracleman) are just as, if not more, interesting …

10th Doctor and Rose!

People have been asking me to do a picture with Rose for a while now. I always thought that I would pair her with the 9th Doctor tho and use Martha or Donna with 10. I kinda got talked out of that. I guess I could still do a 9th Doctor and Rose pic and have her bigger hair and maybe Mickey? Maybe not. Anyway, I, of course, loved David Tennant in the role and was finally excited to draw him again. I think I may have drawn him more than any other Doctor and that was not a conscious decision. Most of the time they were "painting exercises" and just kept using him as a model. Most were done during his tenure so it made sense. I do not consider this one to be an exercise tho. But then again, aren't they all??


The Invisible Man!

So just recently I did my second horror convention here in Orlando. Was much more at ease this time around since I knew what to expect this time and had some friends working the show as well. Last time I seemed anxious about not having any pictures that would appeal to a horror crowd and decided to pump a few pics out. This time, I thought, that I would not do that again as my big sellers were still Doctor Who and such. Then the week before the show came and I got anxious again and decided to do a "simple" piece so I would have something. I decided to go the classic route but I didn't want to just dive right in with a Dracula or Frankenstein Monster piece. So I went with The Invisible Man.