"Like a hood ornament!"

How did I start off my last post? Something about not wanting to go back and re-draw what I have in my inventory? Yeah. That didn't seem to stick. But what can I do?? I love these characters so much and I just have to be able to express myself and this is the only way I know how. It's not a bad thing, is it?? Nah! I mean, Curt Swan drew more than one picture of Superman didn't he? More about Superman later.

So, I had some Rocketeer on the brain recently and as you can surmise from the previous paragraph, I drew him again. And I really enjoyed it too!! I did. From start to finish, this one was a complete joy. Okay. That was a lie. I rendered the back ground in vector form and drawing buildings is boring enough, let alone in vector. But the rest was sheer bliss! I swear!! Okay. That was a lie as well. The precipice that he stands on was a bit of challenge to work into the design, but I did it! Right?? Oh, who gives a shit if it was hard or easy? Nobody remembers anything but the finished product anyway. A wise man once said "it's the hard that makes it great! If it was easy, anyone could do it!" Okay, a character in a movie said that, but it was played by Tom Hanks!! That has to count for something. I have no idea what I am talking about anymore.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Rocketeer. Again.