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Hurricane Who 5 and the 5th Doctor!

So I just completed being at Hurricane Who here in Orlando once again and it was really wonderful to see so many people that I have met over the years be there all once again to catch up and have some fun. Plus I really love Doctor Who. Once again the always great Terry Malloy (Davros) was there as well as my first Doctor, Peter Davison. Now you might remember that Mr. Davison was there a few years ago and I found it ironic that the first Doctor that I discovered on screen would be the first one for me to meet in person as well. He was polite and seemed very nice, if not reserved.

So, since I had some free time after updating my multi-Doctor piece, I thought of doing another 5th Doctor picture as well. Always fun finding bits of photos from here and there and "frankenstiening" them together to make a new pose and then painting it! Here is my 5th Doctor!!

And now an amusing story of what happened Saturday night at the event. Seated next to me was Ingrid Oliver, who played Osg…