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Merry Christmas 2014

I hope you all have  a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

And if interested, here are some of the sketches and mock ups leading up to this year's card.

"I'm Batman!"

I recently got Michael Keaton's Batman movies on DVD. I had them on VHS years ago but never seemed to get the upgrade. A friend of mine had duplicates and I was able to snag them. As I had not been feeling well, I was spending lots of nights on the couch as to not infect or disturb my wife as she slept. I finally watched both movies as well as all the bonus features and then stared in total disbelief that the first movie came out way back in 1989!! Seems like yesterday. I remember the excitement of it all in those pre-internet days. The magazine articles, the newspaper clippings. I even saved most of them as I did for Superman:The Movie. It was finally Batman's turn. I went out on my lunch break from my job at the bank and bought movie tickets on the day that it opened. We ordered pizza and screened the 1960's movie as a large group of my friends ate before heading back out to the theatre. It was a great night.

So recently Michael Keaton was asked his thoughts on the comme…


It seems that I am not alone in thinking that the "dark and gritty" version needs to be the only one out there. The love-hate relationship with the Adam West version seems to be back in the "love" mode once again and it could not come at a better time with the (finally!) release of the '66 series on disc! I know I am going to have to wait on that one as it's a hefty price. Maybe I can pick up a used one in a few months or a year. Heck, I waited this long.

So with a bit of free time I wanted to take a small break from all my other artistic commitments and just do a simple sketch and I thought it was high time for another Batman.



The most requests I ever get since I started doing conventions has been for the long running TV show, Supernatural. I have always known about the show but mostly because my wife and I were huge fans of Gilmore Girls and of course, Dean from Gilmore Girls became Sam on Supernatural. Why didn't we watch it? I really don't know. Maybe because I have a fear of demonic things and my wife is terrified of vampires. But the show just kept going!! And people kept asking me about drawing the Winchester brothers. So finally, we relented and decided to check it out as most of the series is available on Netflix. We love it!! Granted, as of this writing we are only on season two so far but I don't think we will be stopping at any point and hope to catch up. Granted, I am still a wuss and won't watch it right before I head off to bed! Have to follow an episode with a comedy. House rules!

So I finally sat down and committed myself to doing a Supernatural piece and it was a lot of fun.…