The most requests I ever get since I started doing conventions has been for the long running TV show, Supernatural. I have always known about the show but mostly because my wife and I were huge fans of Gilmore Girls and of course, Dean from Gilmore Girls became Sam on Supernatural. Why didn't we watch it? I really don't know. Maybe because I have a fear of demonic things and my wife is terrified of vampires. But the show just kept going!! And people kept asking me about drawing the Winchester brothers. So finally, we relented and decided to check it out as most of the series is available on Netflix. We love it!! Granted, as of this writing we are only on season two so far but I don't think we will be stopping at any point and hope to catch up. Granted, I am still a wuss and won't watch it right before I head off to bed! Have to follow an episode with a comedy. House rules!

So I finally sat down and committed myself to doing a Supernatural piece and it was a lot of fun. I tried to keep it vague with the icons and such so it is not tied to any one storyline or season. Other than that, I just wanted to do the show justice. I have already posted about the process over on Facebook but I did just find the original thumbnails for the piece in my sketchbook and scanned them in to share with you all here for the first time. They were really tiny so I had to blow them up a bit. I hope you all like it.


Sketchbook thumbnails!

Finished Pencil Drawing!

The Final!


  1. love this piece!

  2. I bought this piece at C2E2 April 22 2017, and nothing short of amazing!


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