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...I know!

Star Wars fever is at an all time high. The anticipation of the new movie is crazy and I am caught up in it like millions of others. I grew up with Star Wars. I was in the 3rd grade when it came out and it was less than a year after I lost my father. I have vivid memories of waiting around the block to get into the old Palace theater in Bergenfield, New Jersey with my mother and brother and then right after the movie walking over to County Discount where my mother bought two action figures for both my brother and I. One we could open right away and the other was put aside until later in the year. I chose C3-PO and Luke Skywalker. My brother got Darth Vader and a stormtrooper. When The Phantom Menace came out I was working in my first studio job after college and I went to see the movie with fellow nerds and artists and I bought toys at the local Wal-Mart and had them on my desk. I remember people talking endlessly about it and gathering around monitors when the trailers hit. We waited…

Carter. Agent Peggy Carter!

Hayley Atwell really has turned the role into quite the career so far. And deservedly so in my humble opinion. Able to play a strong female lead like that character and still have her be a "lady" is no easy task even here in the day of political correctness. She makes the character work and enjoyable to watch whether you are a male or female.

Anyway, the character of Peggy Carter has been one of the most requested of me for quite some time now at the conventions and I was long overdue the actually sit down and correct that. My wife and I are both fans of the show and working on the piece was fun to do. I figured I HAD to have Steve Rogers in there so I opted for the "true" Steve Rogers.


Batman!! 1989!!

So lets jump ahead about 40 years. Not really. More like in relation to the cinematic version of Batman. My last  post was bout the 1949 serial and the man who played Robin so if you add 40..., you get the idea. This movie was huge for me. I remember paying to see a movie I didn't care about because the Batman trailer was showing with it. I collected all the newspaper and magazine articles leading up to it. I even used me lunch hour from the bank I was working at to go buy tickets in advance the day it premiered for me and all my friends! Yes, you had to go in person back then. No internet for the masses yet. We ordered pizza and watched the 1966 movie as we ate before heading out to the movie theater. There must have been 12-14 of us. It was awesome!! The movie was fun as well. Looking at it now it may be dated as far as superhero movies are concerned but it really set the tone for what was to come. Hard to believe that Superman was 11 years earlier than this and it would be anot…


Yup. Spider-Gwen. Honestly, that has to be the dumbest name ever for a superhero or comic book. It is. I am not saying that just to trash it so please just think about it for a moment before you get all defensive. I am going to admit that I really didn't know about her as I don't read many comics anymore and I usually follow the creators more than characters and I have not tried many "new" characters in quite some time. So whey did I draw this? Well, as fate would have it, I have been seated near Robbi Rodriguez twice in the past year and once (in Chicago), right next to him. We chatted a bit when he was not swamped with fans and he signed and gave me a copy of the first issue for free. Nice guy. It was months later before I actually read the book but it did look nice and I could not help but notice that there are SO many ladies out there that have been taken with the character and started to cosplay her in mass quantities! Plus I kept being asked if I had any Spider…

The Walking Dead!

I admit that I have never read or even looked thru a Walking Dead comic book. I also didn't watch the TV show when it first came on either. My wife and I got hooked on it when it aired as re-runs just before the second season and we were hooked. We have not fallen off and it's still one of the only shows that we actually watch the night it's on! That says a lot considering the time of DVR and on demand services that are available today. I have done a Walking Dead piece before. Some may remember the Michonne picture I made a few years back. It was in my "toon" style but it was fairly well received.

So cut to a few years later and my style has changed and I have been showing at a lot more comic book and pop culture conventions and people always ask me for Walking Dead. I have been at several shows and seen the mass of people that gather for Norman Redus first hand. But I stopped printing my Michonne piece some time back and I have shied away from doing any other W…

War Doctor and Twelve!

I have not worked much in my "'toon" style in the past year or so but I got an interesting commission not too long ago. I know of at least two people that have had my 11 Doctors tattooed on them and were asking for updates. Seemed like a fun idea so I was willing to oblige. Sorry it took so long but I am glad I finally got around to it. It was fun to do and it was like riding a bicycle.


Here are some other sketches and such of these two. One. Whatever!


I have been in love with Ant-Man for longer than I care to admit. I must have been about ten when I randomly picked up a comic off the rack and fell in love with it! I had no idea at the time that I was witnessing the birth of the second Ant-Man. I probably should have actually read the comic but it was so pretty to look at! John Byrne and Bob Layton and it still looks slick and gorgeous today! I still have that very same comic today. Sure it's all dog eared and stained with time (nope, I failed to bag it) and I was finally able to track down the second issue several years ago. See how enamored I was, I didn't even know how the story ended for at least seven to ten years!!

So Ant-Man is a big deal now and actually has a major motion picture devoted to him and it loosely based on that very story I read over and over again for all these years. I feel vindicated! So of course I had to sit down and draw the new look version of the hero. I actually still find myself drawing the old…

The Fastest Man Alive!

This one has been a long time coming. I have been a fan of this show since day one! Even before actually since I was breathlessly awaiting for it to premiere. I had even been a fan of the early 1990's version of the show and still have a few episodes on VHS (the pilot and the Trickster episodes if you were curious)!! My family sits down to watch every episode together and I am thrilled that they didn't go all dark and gritty for the title hero in this one. How refreshing that the hero is actually a good guy even without his powers!

I am not going to say that creating this one was easy in any way. I felt that it was a real struggle as I had many false starts and then kept getting dissatisfied and started again. My wife Mindy really kept after me to get this one done and so much credit must go to her for making me sit down and figure it out. Even so, I did totally re-work the piece one last time when I was half done. I know it looks simple in the final version, but sometimes yo…

Buck Rogers!

Yeah. I'm of the age of growing up with watching Gil Gerard and Erin Gray in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. I LOVED it as a kid. Just like Star Wars, I had the action figures and this time I even got to have a space ship. It must have been much cheaper than the Star Wars ships otherwise I would not have gotten it. It certainly felt cheaper when compared and you had to put your own stickers on it to finish decorating it. Unfortunately they were absent from the box I got. I loved it anyway. I distinctly remembering getting permission to go see it over at my friends house one night as the pilot movie was on HBO and not everyone had cable TV back then so it was something special. I was hooked right away and was overjoyed when the weekly show began airing. I would get my favorite snack (Little Debbie Peanut Butter Bars) and a glass of milk and prop myself in front of the television making sure I didn't miss the cool intro! Good times! I still remember the episode that had Buster …

It's Chewie!

Here is a pic I did last month just to have something to post on Facebook for May 4th. If you don't get that reference, than there is really no need to continue with any Star Wars related content. Now here is an occasion where I went ahead and posted something that I didn't particularly like when it was all said and done. Why did I not like it? Did I not give it my all? Well, sort of. I did give it my all but it was also just a bit of fun and a test to see how fast, or how much I could rush in making a picture. I usually average about four hours per portrait. Not very fast by any means. This whole pic may have taken me an hour at most. So while I don't really like it when it is stood up against my other work, I do appreciate it for what it is. And if someone out there likes it, then that is all that is necessary as well since that is really the goal.


More Rebels!

I hope you liked reading about and looking at my Star Wars Rebels piece from my last post. It occurred to me after the fact that I didn't include any of the "behind the scenes" stuff and comps that I have been adding to the posts as well lately. I am here to rectify that. So here is the individual characters as I worked thru them piecing them together from multiple reference as well as the final tight pencil drawing.


Star Wars Rebels!

As much as everyone told me how much they liked Star Wars: The Clone Wars, I could never get myself fully invested. Heck, one of my friends from college was even a director and yet there was something about knowing where the characters were headed just seemed to take the air out of it for me. I mean, how much suspense can you get when Obi-Wan is in a death trap when you already know where he meets his true demise. Maybe I should have just been along for the ride. I can see myself eating crow in the future after I "discover" it and binge watch on Netflix and once again come to the realization that I am a tool! So after saying that, let me also say how much I love watching Star Wars Rebels! I do. I didn't think I would, but I do. I love the look and sounds of it, the characters and the designs of the ships! I love all of it! Did I mention the designs? Maybe it's because I was always enamored with the original design work of Ralph McQuarrie that it adds an extra layer o…

May the 4th Be With You!

As you may know, today is what has come to be known as "Star Wars Day". Just a bit of fun and this year it is just another step as we inch closer to the release of the new film that many of us are eagerly awaiting. I know I am! Not gonna start a debate of the merit, or lack thereof, of the prequels tho.

So it seemed fitting that I should sit down and right this blog entry and share a bit of Star Wars art that I have recently completed. I shied away from doing any such pictures for a long time as there was just so much already out there and that I was doing a lot of work for a certain candy company that wanted to update their own Star Wars themed characters.

The picture for today is of Obi-Wan Kenobi. He's long been my favorite character of the saga as I feel that he is the lynchpin in the Darth Vader story. He warns Qui-Gon Gin about training the boy and then takes up the mantle himself which only leads to disaster and the only retribution he can find is to watch over L…

Star Trek: The Cage!!

I grew up watching re-runs of the original Star Trek. This was before Star Wars or anything like that. I loved it and Mom and Dad would watch with us. My favorite episodes was the two part story that showed us the original Captain of the Enterprise and what happened to him. I was completely fascinated and kept wondering what other adventures did this crew have! This was before I found out that this was the original pilot and spliced in as a cost saving device but even after learning that I still always wondered "What if....". This stayed with me for a very long time and I was probably a bit too excited when the re-booted Star Trek movie was announced that it would have Captain Pike in it!! I really was. Was I the only one? People seemed to be so divided over the new movies that I now wonder if maybe re-casting this original crew from The Cage would have been a better way to go. I know the character recognition would not be the same with the exception of Mr. Spock and the shi…

Another Wall Crawler!

So all of this Spider-Man work has made me nostalgic for some of the "classic" stuff that I remember as a kid. Of course I listened to my old rock-comic record (still have it on vinyl but I also have it on my iTunes) and then found the old 1970's TV show on YouTube! You know I had to watch all of them!! So bad they are good! I easily remember being SO excited for these shows and would even cut out the pictures from the TV Guide! Finally a live action Spider-Man! I didn't even know until years later that Nicholas Hammond (Peter Parker) was also in some movie musical called The Sound of Music! Not that I have ever seen it. So after all that I of course had to do yet one more Spider-Man picture. Quick one tho. So do you remember the 1970's show?

Spider-Man, Spider-Man...

So it's late March now and I am swamped with work and new opportunities. It's an exciting and stressful time all wrapped up at the same time. Anyway, I was digging in my files looking for something and found something else instead. It happens a lot! So about a year or so ago I began work on a new Spider-Man print. Probably when I was all hyped up with the impeding release of Amazing Spider-Man 2. I figured that my Superman with a newspaper backdrop worked out well that I could explore that again and figured since Peter Parker also works for a newspaper and is featured to heavily in his mythos that it seemed like an obvious think to do. So I was off and running in making a new "newspaper". No cheats. I actually wrote the copy that is seen on it, even tho most of it will be covered up later. I was all set to use the characters from the movie for the "photos" but then had a change of heart. I decided not to just do "the movie" but Spider-Man in a bro…

11th Doctor, Amy, Rory and River!

Just felt like it was time to re-visit the Matt Smith era of Doctor Who with a new piece. I have also been getting a lot of feedback about doing Amy and Rory so why not!!?? This was a bit longer in the making than other pieces lately. I actually started pulling reference for this many months ago and even had it frankenstiened together into a composition well before the holidays. But it just kept getting pushed back in the production line until recently. Not gonna lie, this one was a bit more "work" than it seemed to be the norm of late. I really don't know if it was lack of motivation, which would be odd for me considering the subject matter, or if it was the amount of portraits that this one required. I even had to put it back on the shelf after it was completed for a day or two before making my customary post-"I'm finished" tweaks. In the end, I was pretty pleased with it so I guess it was all worth it. I hope you all like it as well.


Here are a fe…

Star Wars!

I have not made a lot of Star Wars art.....that you know of. Truth of the matter is I have done so much of it that I shy away from doing more on my own. Of course I am being vague and cryptic on purpose because I cannot share any of the "other" Star Wars work. But maybe one day I will be allowed. I hope so. So with that being said, I have created another straight up Star Wars picture. I didn't actually set out to do it but was asked and I guess the timing was right and something was in the wind because I said "yes" and I did it. I know that a big mental obstacle for me in doing this is that the obvious Drew Struzan comments and comparisons are even stronger when I do a Star Wars or Indiana Jones picture and as much as I admire Struzan and his work, I also hope people really see him as an influence and that my work is not a complete copy of his method. So now you have taken a peek at my neurotic underbelly of thought, I can show you my Star Wars picture. I was q…

Another Superman!

I really enjoyed the painting process of my last piece, Henry Cavill, that I naturally wanted to paint that way again and this time using "my Superman" as the subject, Christopher Reeve! Now I know I have done lots of Superman pics in the past year but what can I say?? I make no apologies so you should just sit back and relax and enjoy!

Man of Steel!

Yeah, I know. I have ranted several times on my feelings for the latest Superman movie as well as his "costume". But to fair, I do think that Henry Cavil is a good choice for the role. And it's not like I didn't give the movie a chance. I have actually watched it about 4-5 times really hoping that it would grow on me! So when I was tooling around with textures and brushes, I turned to his version of Superman. I think this came out better than I ever expected considering it is all digital. I hope to do another "test" like this again in the near future. And yes, I did avoid drawing his non-red shorts on purpose!


The Batusi!

So the Batman TV show from the 1960's is finally on DVD and people are once again embracing the campy version of the caped crusader. Maybe people needed a bit of relief from all the dark and gloomy superheroes that are just about everywhere these days. I have to admit that I am included. I grew up watching the re-runs of Batman like many kids my age, but I was also thrilled when the camp was abandoned and Tim Burton's Batman was thrust among us. I still love that movie as well but over time I have come back around the enjoying Adam West and company.

So one of the most iconic moments of that show is when Batman engages us all with a dance. You know the one.


The Hobbit!

So The Hobbit trilogy is now all done as well. My family all went to see it on New Year's Day as it was sort of a tradition that my wife and I accidentally started way back with the first Lord of the Rings movie! We loved it but to be fair, I have always preferred the story of The Hobbit to Lord of the Rings anyway. I like Bilbo! There! I said it! Well, it of course inspired me some to work on some Hobbit things but alas, I had a full plate already. But there is always time for "productive procrastination"!! I remembered the Bilbo experiment from December 2013 ( you can see it here. )and thought to just re-work that a bit as it should go fairly quickly and I liked the piece enough to have it warrant a second go! It deserved it in fact!! So that is what I did!