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11th Doctor, Amy, Rory and River!

Just felt like it was time to re-visit the Matt Smith era of Doctor Who with a new piece. I have also been getting a lot of feedback about doing Amy and Rory so why not!!?? This was a bit longer in the making than other pieces lately. I actually started pulling reference for this many months ago and even had it frankenstiened together into a composition well before the holidays. But it just kept getting pushed back in the production line until recently. Not gonna lie, this one was a bit more "work" than it seemed to be the norm of late. I really don't know if it was lack of motivation, which would be odd for me considering the subject matter, or if it was the amount of portraits that this one required. I even had to put it back on the shelf after it was completed for a day or two before making my customary post-"I'm finished" tweaks. In the end, I was pretty pleased with it so I guess it was all worth it. I hope you all like it as well.


Here are a fe…

Star Wars!

I have not made a lot of Star Wars art.....that you know of. Truth of the matter is I have done so much of it that I shy away from doing more on my own. Of course I am being vague and cryptic on purpose because I cannot share any of the "other" Star Wars work. But maybe one day I will be allowed. I hope so. So with that being said, I have created another straight up Star Wars picture. I didn't actually set out to do it but was asked and I guess the timing was right and something was in the wind because I said "yes" and I did it. I know that a big mental obstacle for me in doing this is that the obvious Drew Struzan comments and comparisons are even stronger when I do a Star Wars or Indiana Jones picture and as much as I admire Struzan and his work, I also hope people really see him as an influence and that my work is not a complete copy of his method. So now you have taken a peek at my neurotic underbelly of thought, I can show you my Star Wars picture. I was q…

Another Superman!

I really enjoyed the painting process of my last piece, Henry Cavill, that I naturally wanted to paint that way again and this time using "my Superman" as the subject, Christopher Reeve! Now I know I have done lots of Superman pics in the past year but what can I say?? I make no apologies so you should just sit back and relax and enjoy!