Buck Rogers!

Yeah. I'm of the age of growing up with watching Gil Gerard and Erin Gray in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. I LOVED it as a kid. Just like Star Wars, I had the action figures and this time I even got to have a space ship. It must have been much cheaper than the Star Wars ships otherwise I would not have gotten it. It certainly felt cheaper when compared and you had to put your own stickers on it to finish decorating it. Unfortunately they were absent from the box I got. I loved it anyway. I distinctly remembering getting permission to go see it over at my friends house one night as the pilot movie was on HBO and not everyone had cable TV back then so it was something special. I was hooked right away and was overjoyed when the weekly show began airing. I would get my favorite snack (Little Debbie Peanut Butter Bars) and a glass of milk and prop myself in front of the television making sure I didn't miss the cool intro! Good times! I still remember the episode that had Buster Crabbe, the original Buck as well as Flash Gordon,  as a guest star and that led me to find out more about him! Seems like it ran much longer than the two seasons but memories have that effect sometimes. Can't believe how long ago those days were. I was recently at a show that had Gil Gerard booked as a guest and I just had to have a picture done just because he was going to be there. I was SO excited! I had waited 36 years to meet him!! Alas, it was not to be. For reasons unknown to me, Gil cancelled and I must wait longer. Oh well. At the very least, I had a good time revisiting Buck Rogers and was pretty pleased how my picture came out.