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Merry Christmas 2016!

So ends another year. This years card is a departure from past ones as my wife didn't want another retro cartoon. Still went retro tho! This was based on a real ad from 1971. 
As always, I wish each and every one of you that reads this message a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!

More Retro Comics!

So I managed to find a few more drawings that I thought made decent experiments for retro pin ups from comics. I might make more in the future. We will see. 

David S. Pumpkins!

I know this is probably going to get (or already has ) played out, but I really loved the SNL sketch with Tom Hanks! My son and I play the video constantly and laugh every time! I hope they do something else with the character next year. 
Any questions!??


Never stop sketching. 

Stranger Things!

I have to say that I really struggled with whether or not I would do a Stranger Things piece. Not that I didn't love the show, I did, it was just that the "retro poster" they used already looked similar to my work. In fact I was even asked on multiple occasions if I was the artist! 
So I finally acquiesced to the demands of a Stranger Things print. I decided to go much simpler than the actual production poster to make sure that it looked "different". I hope you like it. 

Retro Comic Page: Part One

I've always been a real big comic fan and one of the best things, to me, were the pin-ups occasionally added to the back of the books.I recently found a way to make things look like a retro comic page and decided that I should experiment with drawings from my sketchbook. I really like the look and might actually design one rather than just using what's around. But why not use them in the meantime!! :)

Captain America and Peggy!

This started out as a simple sketch on my iPhone but became its own thing in a very fast. Not to say that the work went quickly because that definitely did not! It's so cool to live in a world where painting on a mobile device is amazing to say the least, but it can be much more time consuming as well. I am pretty pleased with the results. As I already stated, this kinda grew as it went and Peggy was not really in the plans but when I found the quote to put at the bottom, it HAD to have her!  

Kanan Jarrus!

So I love Star Wars Rebels and I would probably watch it even if I didn't have a 12 year old son. I am particularly fond of Kanan and my only gripe of the show is that I think he should be the focus rather than Ezra. I know. I know. We learn a lot about Kanan by Ezra's presence but I still feel he should have more spotlight. But hey, I'm a sucker for a hero after all. 
This was all done on my iPhone. 

As always, here is a work in progress shot of the clean pencils. 

Stargate: Atlantis

I never really watched Stargate:Atlantis, or any other Stargate for that matter, but when the opportunity to do a real comic book cover came up, I jumped at the chance. I did have to aquatint myself with the characters so I watched a few episodes of season one but then had to jump to the final season since the comic picks up where the show ended. I had a blast doing this and I hope to do a few more. 

Here are some work in progress shots:

Here are some pics of it in Previews. 

Another Indy!

Yup. Another Indiana Jones pic from my iPhone. He's just so much fun to draw and having a model like Jared Effler just makes it so tempting. 

Here are some work in progress shots:

"Run Indy!!"

Draft“Professor of Archaeology, expert on the occult, and how does one say it… obtainer of rare antiquities.”
Here is a fun painting I recently made all on my iPhone. 

Another Rocketeer!

The Rocketeer!!! Painted entirely on my iPhone. Enjoy!!

Remembering Superman.

It's no secret that Superman:The Movie is my favorite and that Christopher Reeve will forever be my Superman. Today would have been his 64th birthday. I wanted to draw him in a pose not seen before but still evoked his essence of the character. I was pretty pleased with the result especially considering the entirety of it was done on my iPhone. 

And just in case, here it is without the quote. 


More sketchbook scribble. Never stop sketching!

The Wild Wild West

I don't remember actually watching this show as a kid and I don't know why. Oddly, I remember the commercials for the reunion movie done in the late 70's(?) for some strange reason. I really discovered it in college as it was a favorite of one of my roommates. 
The Wild Wild West. 

Here is the progression:

The finished pencils. Thought this one would look cool on tan toned paper. 

I also remembered that I had this small (it's only 4" tall) in an old sketchbook from college.