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Hogan's Heroes!

Hogan's Heroes! Loved this show and it had a great theme song too. This was all done on my iPhone and yes, it took forever!! #artofpinto #iphonepainting #hogansheroes 
Are you supposed to hashtag on blogs??

And here, as usual, is the cleaned up pencil drawing. 

Meeting Howard Chaykin!

One of the perks of being at a comic convention early before the crowd gets in is sometimes meeting the artists I grew up with. Two mornings in a row I was fortunate enough to have a conversation with the legendary Howard Chaykin! I had a great time talking to him. He also asked to see my work and was very enthusiastic for it and was very encouraging. I also managed to get some sketches from him, one with The Shadow and some Buck Rogers!! He also said "I am smiling in your picture!"

Three Stooges!

Truth be told, and I know I'm gonna hear about this, I've never been a big fan of the Three Stooges. I like them. I watched them in TV as a kid but they were never my favorites. I much preferred The Marx Brothers or Abbott and Costello. But when the opportunity arose for me to paint these guys for a comic book cover, I jumped at the chance!! I rarely find myself "clever" but when this idea of breaking the fourth wall popped into my head, I just HAD to do it!! I'm also thrilled that this is seeing print and I was jazzed that a picture of it as well as my name was in the recent issue of Previews! The comic comes out in October by the way. 

Robin Hood!!

Still one of my all time favorite movies!! I remember watching this with my dad as a very little boy and I have watched it with my son. Still the standard!!


I still love Psych!! I have since it first premiered. If I remember correctly, the first episode was viewable for free on iTunes and I was instantly hooked. I got my wife onboard quickly and it easily became one of our favorite shows right up until it ended. We still quote it all the time and I think this picture was long overdue. I hope you like it.