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Another Rocketeer!

The Rocketeer!!! Painted entirely on my iPhone. Enjoy!!

Remembering Superman.

It's no secret that Superman:The Movie is my favorite and that Christopher Reeve will forever be my Superman. Today would have been his 64th birthday. I wanted to draw him in a pose not seen before but still evoked his essence of the character. I was pretty pleased with the result especially considering the entirety of it was done on my iPhone. 

And just in case, here it is without the quote. 


More sketchbook scribble. Never stop sketching!

The Wild Wild West

I don't remember actually watching this show as a kid and I don't know why. Oddly, I remember the commercials for the reunion movie done in the late 70's(?) for some strange reason. I really discovered it in college as it was a favorite of one of my roommates. 
The Wild Wild West. 

Here is the progression:

The finished pencils. Thought this one would look cool on tan toned paper. 

I also remembered that I had this small (it's only 4" tall) in an old sketchbook from college. 


Here is a lot more sketchbook pages as well as some digital color added to a few. 

Buck Rogers and DragonCon!!

I recently got back from Atlanta and my second DragonCon. I had an even better time this year than last. First off, I am lucky to travel and room with a bunch of really great guys. Some old college friends live in Atlanta and I love getting to spend time with them as well. DragonCon is unlike any other show I have been at as well. You have to experience it to truly understand. 
So this year I got to finally see Bubba the Redneck Werewolf. Or, that movie I did the poster for. They showed it late one night to a full house and the director and a make up person were onhand for a Q & A afterwards. It's a fun movie!

Also, I learned that Gil Gerard, Buck Rogers himself, was at the show. My old roommate, Alberto, and his daughter were kind enough to bring one of my prints over to be signed by him as well as Erin Gray (Wilma Deering). Gil and his wife Janet, liked it enough to ask to have one of their own and to meet me. I obliged on both counts!! It was awesome!!!