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The Doctor, Missy and BILL!

I recently did a small show here in Orlando that had Pearl Mackie as a guest. Unfortunatly it was the week of Thanksgiving and I was too short on time to create an entirely new print for the show so I did what I could. I slightly re-worked an older print and replaced Clara with Bill ( and made a few other tweaks). I liked how it turned out and I am curious to see if this version sells better than the one with Clara as she was very polarizing and I heard many "complaints" of "I would buy this if Clara was not on it". We will see.


A bit of a play on the "I am no Jedi" theme that Ahsoka says. I thought it kind of fitting for Kanan to make the opposite claim.
This was a paper and pencil sketch that I scanned in and tried using the LaziNezumi plug-in for the inking. I can't believe I never heard of this before!! I really felt that it's a game changer! If you have not heard of it, you need to go check it out!

Legion of Super-Heroes!

I've always been a big Legion fan! The kid around the corner (Steve) from me always had stacks of Legion comics, mostly with missing covers, but he let me read and borrow them and he probably wound up giving them to me. I pretty much followed them until the history kept getting re-written every year and made it even more confusing. I still love the characters tho.
I did this sketch at a convention! Seriously, I was actually seen drawing while sitting at my table. It might happen again but I make no promises.
When I brought the finished drawing home I scanned it in and added some "retro" digital colors.

Blade Runner!

Blade Runner! I saw this way back in 1982 and not just in the theater but a drive-in movie no less!! I thought it was a bit slow back then to be honest but hey, I was a kid! I've learned to really love this movie since! 

Superboy and Krypto!

Another pencil drawing that I started at a convention! I actually drew it twice as I was unhappy with the composition of the original and didn't notice until it was too late. I am much more fond of this one. I also let my inner "Disney" show on this one as I think that it's more "cartoony" and Krypto is pretty much Pongo without any blacks! I really like how this came out tho. Again, I added the retro digital color after scanning in the pencil drawing.


Big sketchbook dump today! 

Color Sketches!

I don't do much of these because frankly, I don't think I am very good at them. I struggle with my "comic book" inks and while I am becoming more comfortable with using watercolor, I am still finding my way with markers. Maybe part of the struggle is that I also go back and forth with how realistic and how cartoon-y I want it to look. I really stress out over these things and wonder if anyone else does.


More doodles from my struggles in mark making. Obviously feeling "comic book superhero-ish" lately.

Wonder Woman watercolor!

Have not made a video in a very long time. Fist time actually using my camera instead of faking it in Photoshop.

Here is a pic of the finished piece. Watercolor and black Prismacolor pencil.


More pages from my visual ramblings.


So I saw a photo in One Man's Dream at Disney recently and then it inspired me to start doodling this in Utah right after. Zorro!!

I loved him in Lost in Space too! ;)


Ultraman re-do!!

Not only did I finally read Ready Player One, but Danny Haas and I listened to it on the way to DragonCon!! It totally inspired me. Who's excited!!???

While working on this, I remembered my older picture of Ultraman that I wasn't really satisfied with but thought I could at least re-use the background. Lazy, I know, but I think it really works. This one came out better than I thought it would.


Peter Pan!

This has been in the works for a very long time. Most reference was pulled several years ago and most of the composition was done months ago as well. Being able to work on my iPhone when I was out and about is the only thing that made finishing this possible. So here it is, my favorite story as well as my favorite Disney character, Peter Pan! As always, share it if you like it.

Flash Gordon! Again!

Here is the final of the revisit of Flash Gordon played by Buster Crabbe! I am really pleased with how this turned out and am now wondering if I will come back and revisit Flash again in another decade. If you have never seen these classic movie serials I highly suggest that you do. And don't just watch the edited versions, watch the whole thing. And don't binge! I hate binge watching. The cliffhanger is totally lost if you binge and the repetitive score can also get on your nerves as it wasn't meant to be watched back to back. You will find much of the influence that inspired George Lucas and his Star Wars. Ice Planets, an opening crawl (3rd serial), aerial dog fights, etc.


Flash Gordon Revisited!

Flash Gordon on my iPhone. Still not done with this one. In fact I may never be. I originally started on this back in 1998 and thought I was done in 2008. You can read about it here But after a conversation with Sam Witwer at a convention, I felt like I needed to revisit this again. I admit the 2008 looks too "photoshoppy" to me now so intended to just re-render the picture. But that didn't happen either as I changed the composition as well. Such is life. Maybe this is my "Groundhog Day" and I will revisit it once a decade. 

More Comic in Progress!

Here is an early costume and color test. I love the idea that I can keep changing his sparkling outfit.

This was an early color test. Characters are close but not there yet. This was also a pretty tough choice for me.

Making a comic!

So here it is. I'm working on my own comic book. I've had this kicking around in my head for several years and everyone that I told seemed to be encouraging to me to do it. So I'm finally doing it. Just focusing on the initial six pages right now and we will see how public reaction is. It's much more work than I originally anticipated. Because even tho I have been reading comics for many decades, doesn't mean I have much thought into some of the facets of production. I always knew there was type and word balloons but the proper placement was never a thought. Stuff like that.

Anyway, here is my premise: The biggest rock and roll star is drafted in 1958 and attacked by a vampire while in Europe. After years of fighting off the effects he fakes his death when he can't hide it any longer but continues his crusade of fighting the undead.

I hope you like what I am doing and how I want to do it. I actually want it to look like a comic from when I was a kid (yeah, the 19…

Spider-Man Homecoming!

I am SO excited for this movie!! I have been a fan of Spidey for a very long time and good or bad, I am watching. I have seen all the movies. All the cartoons. All the TV shows including The Electric Company and of course, I read the comics. You have seen my do other Spider-Man pics before so maybe for you this is just another one heaped onto the pile. Whatever. I have high hopes that Marvel can deliver a hit Spider-Man movie. And not just a hit in that it makes a boatload of money, I mean a legitimate, well crafted movie that shows us the true nature of the character. Fingers crossed!!



A whole slew of sketchbook doodles if you into that sort of thing.