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Wonder Woman watercolor!

Have not made a video in a very long time. Fist time actually using my camera instead of faking it in Photoshop.

Here is a pic of the finished piece. Watercolor and black Prismacolor pencil.


More pages from my visual ramblings.


So I saw a photo in One Man's Dream at Disney recently and then it inspired me to start doodling this in Utah right after. Zorro!!

I loved him in Lost in Space too! ;)


Ultraman re-do!!

Not only did I finally read Ready Player One, but Danny Haas and I listened to it on the way to DragonCon!! It totally inspired me. Who's excited!!???

While working on this, I remembered my older picture of Ultraman that I wasn't really satisfied with but thought I could at least re-use the background. Lazy, I know, but I think it really works. This one came out better than I thought it would.