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Been a long time since I drew a picture of Miracleman. Unfortunately I had, once again, more free time than I cared for while sitting at a table during a convention. I used an app to pose a figure and found that to be really helpful and I have to remind myself that I am NOT one of those awesome comic artists that can draw human figures so well out of their heads and that I use reference. Still learning I guess.

Miracleman. Plus the actual pencil drawing and the digitally inked version too!


Comic Daredevil!

Here is a picture I drew while manning my table at a convention this past summer. I was pretty happy with the drawing so I naturally wanted to digitally ink and paint it up. The only down side is that I wish I didn't have enough of that free time to draw a picture!! Oh well.


Harley Quinn!

I have been asked for a very LONG time to draw a Harley Quinn picture and I finally acquiesced. I am  much more of a fan of the classic costume so I stuck with that and for the Joker (who I just had to include) I went with Harley's Joker himself. If you don't know he is a known cos-player who was gracious enough to let me use his likeness for the picture.



Wow! I can't believe it's been three months since I last posted. To what was once a daily ritual to becoming almost an afterthought. I guess that the moving mindset of the social media crowd is ever changing. I'm still not sure if anyone even reads this blog anymore and that makes me a bit, not sad but perhaps melancholy. I used to read many blogs myself and it was like getting the morning paper. Part of a ritual. I still do read quite a few but it's not as regular so I am just as guilty as everyone else. So here I am prattling on when I really just came here to finally post some pics. I have a bunch of sketchbook pages that have added up so I thought I would dump them all at once.

So if anyone is reading this, Enjoy!

Gravity Falls!

I LOVED the show Gravity Falls. My whole family did! Not often you get a show that is so clever that not only do adults and kids can enjoy it but the re-watchabilty is that high too! My son really enjoyed going back and looking for clues in past episodes that were revealed later on and how characters showed up in the background early on to not really play a part until later on. The time traveler is the obvious example that comes to mind.

For quite some time I have toyed with the idea of doing a Gravity Falls picture and it just seemed like it was time but the question was how to do it. To keep them looking like their cartoon images or to "fan cast" them. I obviously chose the later. I hope you like my casting as well as the picture!


PS- Can you crack the code??

Two Supermans!

Here are two "doodles" really. The first is an attempt at a retro looking Superman drawing reminiscent of Jack Kirby complete with some half-tone dots and Kirby Krackle!! This is always fun to do even if the end result was not exactly like I had planned but that's OK as I still consider this a sketch.

The other is a blue line pencil drawing of Superman. I was pretty pleased the way it came out and I thought it would be fun if I had a friend of mine (who happens to be a REAL comic book inker that actually inked some Superman) to ink it. Unfortunately I sketched this on an OLD pad of paper that is not only yellowing with age but is not suitable for inking as it would spread and bleed. So the inking aspect will have to wait a bit but I do hope to have that done still.


Brando Superman!

Let me go back in time a bit. Remember my Paul Newman Aquaman (if you don't, shame on you!)? Well as a warm up for that, I worked up on my phone another of the retro-casting movie posters. Seemed like an obvious choice to have Marlon Brando play Superman as he is so well known for being Jor-El in the 1978 movie version! The thought of a young, brooding Superman set in the 1950's seems like such fun! I kept the design for this pretty simple and I did cheat a bit and added a slightly modified rocket from my Flash Gordon poster.



This is the picture that people have been asking me for at conventions for quite some time. The problem for me was that I was not a big fan of the character. I remember when he first showed up in the comics and it kind of annoyed me that he was ( at least what I perceived to be) a rip-off of a DC character called Deathstroke the Terminator that was popularized in the New Teen Titans Comic. So I pretty much wrote him off and never imagined he would still be around all these years later. I did finally watch the first film that came out a few years back (although at this writing, I have still not seen the sequel but probably will) and found that I liked it more than I thought I would. My wife Mindy even liked it! So I thought, why not! I really had fun making the menu used as the backdrop too as I got to hide a lot of gags in it. I will post a clear shot of it as well so you can see them all if you wish. So without further delay, Deadpool.


Blue Beetle!

I fell in love with the Blue Beetle when I was a kid. A friend of mine had several old Charlton Comics which mostly included Steve Ditko versions of Captain Atom and the Blue Beetle! I was awestruck right away and always wished that he would have traded me these books! I originally found a beat up copy at a small show I was at and went back to my table feeling inspired to draw. I had an old, yellowed drawing pad and proceeded to pencil a picture of Blue Beetle. So much fun. When I returned home I decided that I need to ink and color my picture digitally. Here is the result.


Superman Returns!

Here is another one that I failed to post here and is long overdue. When I was preparing to go to Metropolis Illinois last month, I squeezed in some time to make an extra Superman print as the star of Superman Returns would be one of the celebrity guests, Brandon Routh. This is what I came up with. While I am not a huge fan of the movie, it did contain some really cool moments, one of which was the homage to Action Comics number one. So here is my take on Superman Returns.


Kirby Wonderman!

Maybe Kirby STYLE Wonderman is more appropriate. After I did the Wonderman, Silver Age Wonderman and the Liefeld Wonderman, I felt I needed to do another and what else could I do but a Kirby one. Trying to draw like Kirby is fun and very challenging! I think I came pretty close with this one.

I really LOVE the ink only versions!

Clash of the Titans!

This one needs to be under a header of "I should have posted this a long time ago!" In fact, there will be many a post like this as I have been very forgetful about posting here as I post on the other social medias. Part of that stems from the fact that I don't think many people are still reading blogs, but since my "web address" leads here, I need to keep it current unless I can come up with a better alternative. But I digress. Here is a "classic" movie that I loved as a kid and have not seen in years. My wife and I watched the remake of it but I didn't really care for it much. I did this on my phone bit by bit over a period of time. One of those things that you keep on hand just in case you get really bored as your wife is shopping for shoes or something like that. Once I started posting parts of it I immediately got feedback that I HAD to include the robot owl. So I did.

Here is Clash of the Titans. Enjoy!


Another classic character that I fell in love with as a child. I think I have seen just about all the Zorro TV shows and movies, in fact I remember my mother taking my brother and I to see "Zorro, The Gay Blade" in the theaters way back in the day. Times have changed. Recently I was fortunate enough to supply some covers for a new Zorro comic book from American Mythology, and since the second one has been announced it should be safe to share now.



No, not THAT Aquaman. Several months back a few friends and I were having a discussion over dinner in Chicago and played a game of "who would you cast". The only thing was it had to be cast back in time. Many ideas were sprung and it was a fun night. Afterwards I set myself up to doing a few of them as posters. The first one I wanted to do was Paul Newman as Aquaman. He was our ideal choice for the lead but I got to cast the rest of the movie myself. I also really liked the change of pace it gave me and made me work in a retro style for the art as well. So what do you think of our casting? What do you think of the poster??



Yup! Time to fill up a post with pages from my sketchbook.


90's Wonderman!

On one of the other social media's, I got a comment when I posted the silver age picture of Wonderman asking for a "Liefeld" version. If you are unfamiliar, Rob Liefeld was quite the name in comics back in the 90's. He has a very distinctive style that became all the rage and had many imitators. My memory may be a bit fuzzy on the subject, but Liefeld himself may have been influenced by the Jim Lee style. The thing is, Rob's anatomy was pretty distinctive as well. He's called out a lot for over exaggerating the form so much that it gets ridiculous. To be fair, it may have been partially due to the amount of work he was putting out as I have also seen examples of his work that looks fine. So now that we are all caught up to speed, I decided to indulge the comment. My family and I are selling our home and the packing and "staging" of the house is happening as of this writing and is taking quite a bit of our time. So as we sat down last night to relax …

Silver Age Wonderman!

I couldn't stop myself!! After finishing my attempt at updating the public domain hero known as The Wonderman, I started to think what he would have looked like in the silver age of comics. So I drew this:

The Wonderman!

So I recently discovered public domain superheroes. I've been having a blast reading about these forgotten heroes and why some of them went away. There are FB groups that have participants share their versions of these characters. I was particularly taken with The Wonderman. Appearing shortly after Superman he was the first character sued by DC and he never appeared again! Plus he was written and drawn by Will Eisner!! So, here is my attempt at an update to The Wonderman. 

Here is the cover to his only appearance and you can see what he looked like. Oddly enough, he doesn't sport a mask on the cover and it didn't appear in the book until halfway thru with no explanation. The girl in the story also has a name change halfway thru!!

Alex Saviuk!

As you know, when I was a kid I was enamored with comic book super-heroes. Maybe it's just a part of being young but I always held the "kid" heroes in a special place in my heart. Naturally Spider-Man and the Teen Titans fit into this category but there were lesser known ones that I gravitated to as well like Nova and a certain back up feature in Action Comics called Air Wave. This kid was the nephew of Green Lantern Hal Jordan and inherited his costume from his father. I thought he was pretty cool. Years later I meet longtime comic artist, most notable for his thirty plus continuous years drawing Spider-Man, Alex Saviuk at a convention. I introduce myself and mention that we had a common friend. My old buddy Mike Sanborn and Alex briefly worked together at a studio in Orlando. I have seen Alex at several shows since and had the pleasure of sitting next to him at one and got to know him much better. A few months back, I picked up an old issue of Action Comics out of a fi…

Superman Celebration Part 2!

While there were many highlights from the event I would like to point out two very special ones. First is giving a big thanks to Jim Bowers of for not only his friendship and help but for also going out of his way to have a piece of art I did get signed by so many celebrities from Superman: The Movie! This piece was done by request for a show in Kansas and it includes so many signatures including the late Margot Kidder. I can't thank you enough Jim.

Also at the event and seated right across from me was the great Alex Saviuk! Alex has been drawing Spider-Man for over 30 years which includes an epic run on Web of Spider-Man as well as working on the daily strip to this day! I have been a fan of his work longer than I even realized. I recently re-purchased an issue of Action Comics that I had as a kid and remembered loving the back up feature of a young character called Air Wave. Turns out it was Alex drawing it! I got to ask him about it and he then surprised me on t…

Superman Celebration!

This year I got to not only visit, not only show my work but be a part of the annual Superman Celebration held in Metropolis Illinois. This was the 40th anniversary of the event and it just so happened to be the 40th anniversary of Superman: The Movie as well as the 80th anniversary of Superman himself! What a great time to finally make it to the event. I just got home last night and my head is still spinning from the experience. My only regret is that I didn't sneak out from my table enough to enjoy even more of the festivities.

I was asked to not only be an artist at the show but to design the official art for the event as well. It was printed on the program, t-shirts, pins and used in advertising as well. It came together rather quickly but I was asked to make a change to the design from Warner Bros. and change the from image of Superman to an "official" piece of clip art to "keep in the current image of Superman". Meaning, no red shorts. I was a bit bummed …

Con Art!

I have had several discussions between myself and peers about why I don't draw at conventions so I thought I would expand here as it's slightly complicated. I shy from commissions during the convention because the expectation is that the customer will get something resembling my painted prints and that is simply not doable in the time allotted for a commission. My portraits take up to four hours to do. But I do draw at conventions. Usually in my sketchbook and I have been known to do a quick sketch in a book or such for people but honestly I'm not even asked very often. I'd be inclined to honor a request if it was a Superman drawing but not a Henry Cavil portrait. Make sense? Anyway, here is a sketch I did at C2E2 with sharpie on an old comic backing board. Has to be an old one, the new ones are too slick. I then digitally retro colored it. Enjoy.