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So I finally got around to doing a Supergirl picture. I have to admit that I was not immediately drawn to the idea, pun intended, as I am not a regular follower of the show. I have only seen an episode here and there and it's usually because I wanted to see a different character that was appearing like the Martian Manhunter or Superman. I do watch the "crossover" episodes that go along with The Flash and such and my son and I just finished up watching the latest one so I may have been motivated because she was front and center at the moment. Also, people keep asking me if I have a print of her at the conventions so maybe now I can appease a few requests.

So here she is, SUPERGIRL!!


Retro Batman!

Here is another hand drawn doodle of Batman. I grew up when Batman was "blue and grey" in the comics and he had that awesome yellow circled icon on his chest. Still my favorite version of Batman. I scanned the inked piece in and added some retro comic coloring because I find it so much fun to do! 

Captain Marvel (Chuck)!

So the new year has begun and I, naturally, fell behind on my blog. Still not sure how many people actually read this anymore tho. I think I am doing it for myself, which is not a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination. I still find it very therapeutic. So many of you know that I hold a very special affection for the original Captain Marvel. It was recently (well, at the time of the actual drawing) announced that Zachary Levi was cast to play the Captain Marvel persona in the movie, so naturally, I had to draw him as Captain Marvel. I know he wont really look like this, but I hope it's close.

I also had this drawing of Cap laying around my studio for some time so I busted out my markers and colored him.