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Lost in Space!

After posting my Superman/Lucy picture and making a referece to my Lost in Space picture, it made me realize that I totally forgot to post it here on my blog!! Im such a dope sometimes! Anyway, here is my Lost in Space homage.

Lost in Space! This was so much fun!! The family and I have been enjoying the new Netflix version and before I knew it I was doodling in my sketchbook the originals. I watched this as a kid growing up in the 70's. Here are 3 versions of it. Obviously the finished color version, the totally flat, sepia version (just thought it would be fun) and the composite of my sketches that started it.

I Love (Superman) Lucy!

So what happens when two things you love collide? When I was a kid growing up watching re-runs of shows long gone, two of my favorites were The Adventures of Superman (obviously) and I Love Lucy. I was simply blown away one day when Superman himself showed up on Lucy's show playing Superman! I actually have the episode recorded and saved on my DVR for several years now. In fact I just learned that there is a color version of it but I have only seen clips and screenshots of it and not the whole episode as of yet. I'll have to look for it.

So I was in California recently and was asked several times if I would consider ever doing a Lucy/Superman piece. Actually I was asked by the same person but he did ask several times! I thought it was a great idea but I really didn't think it would sell that well. More recently I finished a retro looking cartoon drawing of Lost in Space. I didn't plan on making that picture either, they were just doodles in my sketchbook that all came …