This is the picture that people have been asking me for at conventions for quite some time. The problem for me was that I was not a big fan of the character. I remember when he first showed up in the comics and it kind of annoyed me that he was ( at least what I perceived to be) a rip-off of a DC character called Deathstroke the Terminator that was popularized in the New Teen Titans Comic. So I pretty much wrote him off and never imagined he would still be around all these years later. I did finally watch the first film that came out a few years back (although at this writing, I have still not seen the sequel but probably will) and found that I liked it more than I thought I would. My wife Mindy even liked it! So I thought, why not! I really had fun making the menu used as the backdrop too as I got to hide a lot of gags in it. I will post a clear shot of it as well so you can see them all if you wish. So without further delay, Deadpool.