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Merry Christmas 2019!

For this years card I went with a retro, Rankin-Bass inspired look. I wanted it to look like a TV Guide ad for a Christmas special with my family as "animagic" puppets.

As always, I hope you have a very blessed Christmas season and a very happy New Year!


The Micronauts!

One of my all time favorite comic books, to this day, are the first twelve issues of Marvel's Micronauts from way back in the '70's. Sure, I had a few of the toys too which I guess is what originally drew me in, but I can clearly remember that the comic made them SO real and so much better than the toys! This was epic! Like, better than Star Wars epic! Remember, this was when Star Wars was a singular movie and we didn't even know that there would be a second one yet! I am pretty sure that my older brother read them first and was the first to buy them. Heck, he probably bought all of them and I just read them over and over again. Over the years on the convention circuit, I have been lucky enough to meet some of the great artists that have worked on this series. I still have most of the issues in horrible, re-read condition and I LOVE them! I also have PDF versions that are stored on my phone and iPad pretty much all the time. If you have not read them, I highly suggest …

Henry and Marcus!

So I was watching the third Indiana Jones movie recently and had a strange thought during the movie. With all the talk about re-booting Indiana and such, I thought it would be fun to see an "adventure" taking place before Indy was born with this father and Marcus when they were young. A totally different type of movie as neither was particularly daring but they were smart and adventurous. So I took a lot of inspiration from JC Leyendecker and had a bit of fun.


Charlie's Angel!

I had a fun commission not too long ago. I was sent a blank comic cover of a Charlie's Angels comic. The owner bought one for each "Angel" and wanted a different art for each cover. Some I had seen and were big names! I couldn't believe I was asked to be a part of it. I was VERY grateful that to be doing it mostly as a pencil drawing as the paper stock on the blank cover was the worst I had ever seen. It was way too slick and smooth for my liking. It came out pretty good. I was pleased with it and the owner said he was as well.


A Couple of Sketches!

Here are a bit more than my usual sketchbook dumps. While there is a page of sketchbook, I also have a, still rare, convention sketch of Daredevil!

And to top it all off, I pulled my pen and ink drawing that was originally meant to be used in my Superman Celebration design from 2018 and added some watercolor paint to it.


Another Wonderman toon!

Thought I would play with the proportions of Wonderman recently. I kinda like the bigger, bulkier look. I also love the little gesture drawings that I keep placing around him.

Sketchbook and More!

Some more random sketchbook doodles. I kinda like the Captain America pic and may have to explore that one a bit more. I also drew a sketch of Thor while sitting at my table at DragonCon this past fall and thought I would ink it. I kinda like it. A bit stiff but not too bad.

The Mandalorian! Is it weird that I am looking forward to this so much more than the new Star Wars movie (The Rise of Skywalker trailer hit last night) Boba Fett has always had a certain "mystique" about him, and yes, I know that this is not Boba Fett, but I feel that we may learn a few things about our favorite bounty hunter as well. We will see.

Connery. Sean Connery!

He was the original (sort of) and arguably the best of the Bonds. He was not my first Bond tho as I was weaned on Roger Moore. Once again I found myself experimenting on my iPad recently and working in Affinity Designer and trying to get a grasp on that app. Nothing about this piece tho was really about working in vector so now I am questioning why I used that particular program. For the uninitiated, Designer can work in both vector and raster formats. I should have incorporated my vector art into this but I did say I was experimenting.


Evel Knievel!!

I did a caricature of Evel several years ago when I was playing in a program called ArtRage! So here I am again playing in another new program to me called MediBang Paint. I thought a full-fledged, stars and stripes ode the the King of the Daredevils was due!. This was a fun piece and I really enjoyed reading about him and watching archival footage as I was working on this.



My friend Austin asked me to make a picture for his project that involves zombies. Sounded like fun so I did it! Was a fun side project.

Captain Action..........action!

I never owned one. Never read the comic but something about him is kinda fun to draw. I drew him years ago as a test to see if I could "airbrush" in vector but nothing really since. The  owners of the property recently had and art contest and thought it would be fun. I apparently mis-read or didn't understand the rules and thought part of it was a straight up drawing contest. It wasn't. I felt stupid. You would think that they would have explained it better in the email I received right after I submitted. Nope. Oh well. I kinda like how this turned out tho.


Yup. It's that time. I usually refer to this as a "sketchbook dump" as you know, I am not fond of my sketchbooks. And yet, I keep plugging away at them. Some of these posted today are actually much larger than what is usually in my tiny sketchbooks as I felt the need to draw larger than I have been. I actually like one of these drawing so there is hope.

Retro Star Wars Poster!

I came across the concept art for a poster for the original Star Wars done back in 1977(?) by, at least from what I could find to date, Howard Chaykin. It's a cool piece and I thought it would be fun to actually take the concept and finish it. I changed only a few things. The type as I don't think "kids" today really know who Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon are. Shame. I also changed the direction of the X-Wing flying behind Luke as I thought the rear-end of the ship seemed weird to me. I also added a few more.

Hope you like it. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out.


And here is the original comp:

Discovery Enterprise!

Captain Pike, Spock and Number One! The crew of the Enterprise as seen on Star Trek Discovery! As polarizing as the show is, the second season with Captain Pike was awesome and now people are clamoring for his own show. I admit that I am one of them! I have always loved Captain Pike and dreamed of what his adventures may have been besides the one glimpse we were given. Maybe the time is now and my patience will be paid off!! We will see. 

The Citrus Tower!

Where I live in Central Florida is also home to an old landmark. Older than Disney it was the stopping point for tourists when we were mostly orange groves. Now it is under new management and having massive renovations and restorations. As I am typing this, there is an art contest being held there and this was my entry. If you happen to be local or passing thru, please stop and vote!!

Bettie Page!

When I was working on my latest Rocketeer picture and decided to do the comic book versions of the characters, it meant that I would have to use Bettie Page. Not a bad thing really. While I was finishing up her part, I realized that she could work just fine as a singular picture as well. I wish I had taken more time to make more of an original pose. Maybe next time.

Pie Eyed Rocketeer!

Pie-Eyed Rocketeer! Full disclaimer, I did NOT come up with this. When I was browsing the web for reference, I stumbled across a cute, but rough drawing of this and thought it would be fun to clean it up but I neglected to get the artists name. If anyone knows, please let me know to give proper credit.

The Rocketeer!

The Rocketeer!! Obviously one of my faves!! I went for a retro poster look with this one and instead of using the actors of the film version, used the same inspirations that Dave Stevens used with himself as Cliff Secord. Very pleased how this came out. Share it if you like it.

A Few Wondermans!

Had several more pics of my version of Wonderman I thought I would share. The "toon" version seems to really be my favorite and I even used this drawing as a test when I was teaching myself AfterEffects fairly recently.

The Marvel Captain Marvel

I don't read as many comics as I used to. Not just due to economics but that I don't enjoy many comics anymore. I guess the comics of my youth are my comics forever. I do remember Carol Danvers from when I was a kid only she was called Ms. Marvel back in the day. Saw her change costumes a few times and remember when she lost her powers as well. Not much after that. I was actually quite surprised that she is Captain Marvel now. I went to the new MCU movie recently with my family to watch this interpretation of the character and thought that the movie was...........ok. It wasn't great by any means and some of that is from knowing that most of the characters are not in any mortal danger. Since it takes place in the past and we know that they are still around in the present, that they survive. Some of the Star Wars prequels suffered this as well. I think it puts a much heavier burden on the storytelling to compensate for that. My wife loved the movie by the way.

So I didn'…

Another Rocketeer!

Sort of. I actually painted the two figures quite some time ago and both on my iPhone to boot! I don't know what made me do it, but one morning I came across them and wondered what they would look like if I put them together in the same picture. I got my answer and had mixed feelings about it. I kind of liked it when I first finished it but then quickly found myself being quite ambivalent about it. It seemed to generate some positive interest on social media but that didn't change my view of it. Maybe I will feel differently about it again one day.

Captain Pike!

Remember when I was experimenting with Logan's Run and how to do it?? Well if you don't you need to find that post and read it! Anyway, I actually did this quick headshot of Anson Mounts as Captain Pike from Star Trek Discovery as the first test. I had forgotten I did it when I was posting about the Logan's Run picture! I must be getting old! So this was the experiment that fired me up to keep persuing this "look". I thought it looked ok when I thought I had it done all on my iPad in Medibang Paint but once I tinkered with it in Photoshop everything changed for me. This was what I was looking for and not knowing it. I really loved what I had and couldn't wait to do more. I may even have to do a full Discovery picture to use this Captain Pike picture!


Logan's Run!

Apparently every time I decide to challenge myself and change how my work looks I turn to Logan's Run! Not on purpose mind you but that was just something that I just now noticed as I started to type. Odd how those things just seem to pop into your head. I was recently at odd with myself and my work and felt that when I was working in one style, I was wishing I was working in another. If you don't know, I usually bounce back and forth between looks depending on the job at hand but more and more I have been drawn to a "comic book" feel and being very graphic with my shadow and light shapes and wondered if I could use them in a digital painting as well. I decided to try it out and found a Logan's Run picture that I had started a while back and never actually completed. All the leg work was done and all I had left to do was actually sit down and actually draw and paint it. But now I was just going to really delve in and draw it and then color the drawing. I just had…

Peter Parker:Spider-Man!

Did I do this before or after I saw the new Spider-Verse movie?? I am betting before as I think I would have added more half-tones to it! I really doodled this on my iPad while watching tv with the wife. Gave it a "Disney(?)" vibe to it for no real reason other than I wanted to. I really liked how the drawing and inking came out so I went ahead and retro colored it the next day.



I really loved this show as a kid but now as an adult I find that I love the style and concept most and not so much the actual product. Also shows how times have changed. NO WAY a cartoon character can be shown gaining super powers by popping pills now. My word. Not that I ever tried. I thank my mother for that! Was a super fun picture to do. Mostly done on my iPhone in my spare time here and there. I actually finished this some time ago but never posted it here on my blog until now. Or did I?? I should have checked but I am far too lazy.


Retro Space Hero!

It could be Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers I guess but real aficionados will give me a dozen reasons why it isn't. And they are right. I never intended it to be anyone in particular. It was just one of those moments when I just sat down at my table and started to draw without any plan in place. I was happy how the pencil drawing was so I thought, what the heck! I'll ink it too! And I did. That's where I stopped and then a day later, I scanned it in and digitally colored it.



So after my last post test piece, I decided to find an old comp that I had started to try and finish it with a more "comic book" feel to it. I found that all my prep work for a Pee-Wee picture was almost all done so I settled on that. While it took me a bit longer than normal since there was much experimentation and trial and error as my regular method of late has become almost routine, I am very pleased with the results. I don't think I am where I want it to be though so on to the next one.

Just for fun, here is the black and white version.

Doctor 12. A Test!

So I have been very focused on a more comic book styled art of late. Actually been really studying and practicing for the past few years but as I have been quietly working on my own comic, I have been really falling in love with it. Mind you, I am talking about an older style of inking with a pretty heavy Kirby influence. Lots of graphic shapes! I then started to wonder if I could do a more realistic drawing with an comic book ink aesthetic. Here is a my first go at this. Came out better than I thought it would but I think I can push this further.

Laurel and Hardy!

I've always been a big fan of classic comedy. So several years ago when I was asked to paint a comic cover for the Three Stooges, I thought that other classic duo's would be fun as well. I don't know what made me pick Laurel and Hardy but I did and it was challenging but fun. For a bit. I lost interest and the drawing was incomplete when I put it on the shelf. Then, I got an email and was asked if I had any Laurel and Hardy art. I replied that I did and then I found the file and finished it that same night on my iPad while watching TV even! Times change fast I guess. I was very pleased with the results but I never heard back about the original inquiry about having the art.


The Doom Patrol!

I have been a fan of the Doom Patrol for ages!! I first discovered them way back in the 70's when DC tried to revive them as the New Doom Patrol and then I got hooked when the New Teen Titans quickly became my favorite book in the early 80's. I started collecting the original issues when nobody cared about them and I could find decent copies for very little money. Now they are getting a TV show on the new DC streaming network! So while I was sitting idle at a show several months ago, I began to doodle a Doom Patrol pic. Mostly because everyone else was drawing around me and I felt a bit of pressure to do so as well. Ha! I didn't quite finish the drawing but I did scan in what I had and then finished it digitally and then colored it as well and added the dressing. Was fun.