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Captain Pike!

Remember when I was experimenting with Logan's Run and how to do it?? Well if you don't you need to find that post and read it! Anyway, I actually did this quick headshot of Anson Mounts as Captain Pike from Star Trek Discovery as the first test. I had forgotten I did it when I was posting about the Logan's Run picture! I must be getting old! So this was the experiment that fired me up to keep persuing this "look". I thought it looked ok when I thought I had it done all on my iPad in Medibang Paint but once I tinkered with it in Photoshop everything changed for me. This was what I was looking for and not knowing it. I really loved what I had and couldn't wait to do more. I may even have to do a full Discovery picture to use this Captain Pike picture!


Logan's Run!

Apparently every time I decide to challenge myself and change how my work looks I turn to Logan's Run! Not on purpose mind you but that was just something that I just now noticed as I started to type. Odd how those things just seem to pop into your head. I was recently at odd with myself and my work and felt that when I was working in one style, I was wishing I was working in another. If you don't know, I usually bounce back and forth between looks depending on the job at hand but more and more I have been drawn to a "comic book" feel and being very graphic with my shadow and light shapes and wondered if I could use them in a digital painting as well. I decided to try it out and found a Logan's Run picture that I had started a while back and never actually completed. All the leg work was done and all I had left to do was actually sit down and actually draw and paint it. But now I was just going to really delve in and draw it and then color the drawing. I just had…

Peter Parker:Spider-Man!

Did I do this before or after I saw the new Spider-Verse movie?? I am betting before as I think I would have added more half-tones to it! I really doodled this on my iPad while watching tv with the wife. Gave it a "Disney(?)" vibe to it for no real reason other than I wanted to. I really liked how the drawing and inking came out so I went ahead and retro colored it the next day.



I really loved this show as a kid but now as an adult I find that I love the style and concept most and not so much the actual product. Also shows how times have changed. NO WAY a cartoon character can be shown gaining super powers by popping pills now. My word. Not that I ever tried. I thank my mother for that! Was a super fun picture to do. Mostly done on my iPhone in my spare time here and there. I actually finished this some time ago but never posted it here on my blog until now. Or did I?? I should have checked but I am far too lazy.


Retro Space Hero!

It could be Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers I guess but real aficionados will give me a dozen reasons why it isn't. And they are right. I never intended it to be anyone in particular. It was just one of those moments when I just sat down at my table and started to draw without any plan in place. I was happy how the pencil drawing was so I thought, what the heck! I'll ink it too! And I did. That's where I stopped and then a day later, I scanned it in and digitally colored it.



So after my last post test piece, I decided to find an old comp that I had started to try and finish it with a more "comic book" feel to it. I found that all my prep work for a Pee-Wee picture was almost all done so I settled on that. While it took me a bit longer than normal since there was much experimentation and trial and error as my regular method of late has become almost routine, I am very pleased with the results. I don't think I am where I want it to be though so on to the next one.

Just for fun, here is the black and white version.