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The Rocketeer!

The Rocketeer!! Obviously one of my faves!! I went for a retro poster look with this one and instead of using the actors of the film version, used the same inspirations that Dave Stevens used with himself as Cliff Secord. Very pleased how this came out. Share it if you like it.

A Few Wondermans!

Had several more pics of my version of Wonderman I thought I would share. The "toon" version seems to really be my favorite and I even used this drawing as a test when I was teaching myself AfterEffects fairly recently.

The Marvel Captain Marvel

I don't read as many comics as I used to. Not just due to economics but that I don't enjoy many comics anymore. I guess the comics of my youth are my comics forever. I do remember Carol Danvers from when I was a kid only she was called Ms. Marvel back in the day. Saw her change costumes a few times and remember when she lost her powers as well. Not much after that. I was actually quite surprised that she is Captain Marvel now. I went to the new MCU movie recently with my family to watch this interpretation of the character and thought that the movie was...........ok. It wasn't great by any means and some of that is from knowing that most of the characters are not in any mortal danger. Since it takes place in the past and we know that they are still around in the present, that they survive. Some of the Star Wars prequels suffered this as well. I think it puts a much heavier burden on the storytelling to compensate for that. My wife loved the movie by the way.

So I didn'…

Another Rocketeer!

Sort of. I actually painted the two figures quite some time ago and both on my iPhone to boot! I don't know what made me do it, but one morning I came across them and wondered what they would look like if I put them together in the same picture. I got my answer and had mixed feelings about it. I kind of liked it when I first finished it but then quickly found myself being quite ambivalent about it. It seemed to generate some positive interest on social media but that didn't change my view of it. Maybe I will feel differently about it again one day.