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The Micronauts!

One of my all time favorite comic books, to this day, are the first twelve issues of Marvel's Micronauts from way back in the '70's. Sure, I had a few of the toys too which I guess is what originally drew me in, but I can clearly remember that the comic made them SO real and so much better than the toys! This was epic! Like, better than Star Wars epic! Remember, this was when Star Wars was a singular movie and we didn't even know that there would be a second one yet! I am pretty sure that my older brother read them first and was the first to buy them. Heck, he probably bought all of them and I just read them over and over again. Over the years on the convention circuit, I have been lucky enough to meet some of the great artists that have worked on this series. I still have most of the issues in horrible, re-read condition and I LOVE them! I also have PDF versions that are stored on my phone and iPad pretty much all the time. If you have not read them, I highly suggest you track them down and do so. Unfortunately, you will really will need to track them down as they can not be (at this writing) reprinted as Marvel does no longer have the license with the toy company. Disney would have to buy Hasbro at this point to make it happen. But you never know.

So here is my homage to one of my favorites! The Micronauts!!

Here are the drawings as it progressed.

Original thumbnail

Inked "newsprint" version

"retro" comic coloring version


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