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When I Seen A Elephant Fly!

Dumbo has always been one of my favorite Disney movies. I remember seeing as a kid in the theater and hearing the songs on my parents radio from time to time. I never once thought that any of it was racist. It seems now that it's become a target second to Song of the South in that regard. Seems to me that someone thought it was and said it, people heard it and agreed without watching it for themselves and deciding. They are black because they are crows. They are crows because Dumbo is on a farm at that point in the movie. They speak with an old southern "backchat" because they are southern. I've worked with people that spoke that way and most of them were not even black! As a kid in the northeast I thought all southern people spoke that way just like southerners were expecting me to talk with a certain accent being from New Jersey. I figure if Floyd Norman doesn't have a problem with it, why should I? I don't wish to have any type of argument or even a discus…

Winnie the Pooh!

Full disclosure, I’m not a Winnie the Pooh fan so this would probably not have been done if it wasn’t commissioned. Don’t hate me. It's not like I don't appreciate the movies tho. I do love the format of the original with the book itself playing a part like when Pooh is skipping along the type or when the letters fall off the page when it rains. Plus the voice casting is stellar and Sebastian Cabot as the narrator! But as characters I find them all to be quite simple and there is no "villain" so there is no drama for me. They can be fun to draw sometimes tho.
Winnie the Pooh and gang.

Paul Bunyan!

Growing up as a kid in the 70's we obviously didn't have access to cartoons like today. We only had Saturday mornings, a few old, after school shows like Woody Woodpecker and Sunday nights on the Wonderful World of Disney. Most of the year I would be continuously disappointed on Sunday nights after being so excited with anticipation for it to be finally time for Uncle Walt to come on, following the nature show Wild Kingdom (I hate nature shows!), totally wanting a Disney cartoon to be shown...more nature. UGH! Took me years to figure out that Disney only showed the cartoons near holidays for the most part. But one of those cartoons that they would bust out (they didn't show the feature films) was Paul Bunyan! I loved this short! So much that it made my disdain for nature programs and petting zoos grow because if they didn't have a blue ox, well then what's the point!??

So I have been drawing quite a bit of Disney characters lately and was asked to do one of Paul Bu…

Atari Force Babe!

I made that title misleading on purpose. I do remember the Atari Force comics and read the free ones that came with certain games and the house ads in DC Comics but I never actually cracked a cover on any issue. So when I recently got a commission to draw a character from the comic, I had to "Google it". While the character itself is not hard but who the heck designed it?? Why on earth would you put all those scales and such that you would have to repeat on every panel?? I might have used technology to cheat a little. I mean, I was smart enough to employ the resources available to me.

Here is Babe from Atari Force.


The Great Mouse Detective!

I'm a big fan of The Great Mouse Detective! I was in high school when it came out and was not very cool to still like Disney movies back then so I had my mom drop me off at the theater as she went shopping nearby so I could see it. Must have been strange for all those moms and dads with little kids to see this teenager all by himself to see an animated movie.  I did that several times actually in those awkward times. I loved it. Skip ahead more than a few years and I find myself on an internship at Walt Disney World and lo and behold, others loved these movies as well. In fact, my first day at the Disney-MGM Studios was a personal tour as that was where I was to work, and I got to see the Magic of Disney Animation and my two favorite Disney movies got quite a bit of screen time. Peter Pan and The Great Mouse Detective! Back in the day, Disney would screen movies in the park theaters after closing for cast members from time to time. That's actually where I got to see Song of th…

Brave Little Tailor!

One of my all time favorite Mickey Mouse cartoon! It's no mystery that I not only love Disney animation but I am a big nut for the history as well. There is so much information out there that is probably not only more accurate but much better organized than I could possibly share here so if that is your thing as well, sorry. So after my Pecos Bill experiment, I decided to push myself a bit more in using Procreate on my iPad a bit more and rather than just doing a spot illustration again, but to actually make a proper picture. While I was at Disney, I am sure I must have drawn this version of Mickey but I couldn't really say for sure. I mostly remember drawing Fantasia Mickey much more and the classic red shorts versions but not Brave Little Tailor. So I decided to draw that one. And the giant as well who, by the way, is NOT Willie. He came later.


Pecos Bill!

So I have been pretty much streaming a lot of Disney + lately. As of this writing we are still being "socially distant" and I have not had as much work to do lately and to stay out of my wife and son's way as they are working and going to school respectively in our small house, I have been hanging out on our back patio. It's actually a great place. Fresh air, a ceiling fan, by the pool and we actually have a TV out there now. Sounds ritzy but it's not, but it is nice and we are blessed to have such things. So since I was using Disney cartoons as background noise, I was inspired to quite a bit of Disney characters while doodling. Some of them became much more than doodles. So when Pecos Bill came up while watching "Melody Time", I was reminded that when I was very young, my brother and I had one of those read along records of this and that I played it quite a bit even before I learned how to read! I loved it! Plus I was experimenting with a new drawing a…

Retro Flash Gordon!

I actually penciled this drawing by hand with the full intention of inking traditionally and such. I must have chickened out. I did have it printed a few times to practice inking and painting it by hand but I never got any results that I really liked. Was pretty frustrating actually. So I still had the drawing laying around and it was already scanned in, so one night while sitting down with my wife to watch TV, I decided to noodle away on it digitally on my iPad. And I just kept going. Little by little. Literally sometimes I would only make one mark and then close the app. Sat in my files for what seemed like forever. Then when I thought I was actually done, I decided to play with the zip tones. So when I was finally "done" I had, what I think, looks like an old b/w magazine comic illustration. I kinda like it.


Robin Hood!

Here is the finished Robin Hood picture. Pretty pleased with how this turned out. It's also been a while since I have drawn Disney characters. Odd considering how long I did it in various jobs. Turns out, I miss it and it has really re-ignited my love of the Disney animated movies! Might be more to come.

Robin Hood! Enjoy!


The Disney version of Robin Hood is one of my favorites.  I know this is not the finest in the Disney stable, but I do admit that it’s a guilty pleasure that I love this one. I do wonder how different (better) it might have been if there was a real villain to be a threat in this movie. Imagine if Scar from Lion King were Prince John! I’ve been watching a LOT of Disney movies while working recently. Mostly as background noise. Last week I may have put on Robin Hood more than once and posted about it on my personal social media. Inspired me to sketch Robin. In fact, Whistle Stop is not only the ringtone used when my wife calls me, it was even played at our wedding.


I usually paint in greyscale first when I paint 'toons.

And here is the shield and logo that I did in vector to be spliced in.

Dragon's Lair!

I loved this game as a kid. Well, I didn't love playing it to be honest. It was slow, clunky and was double the price of any other video game at .50 cents! Sure you got 5 lives but it didn't really last any longer. For me anyway. I much preferred to get a good vantage spot to watch someone who was good at playing it! That way I could watch the animation. I always wondered why you couldn't put money in and just watch the cartoon. That should have been an option!

So there have been rumors and false starts about a Dragon's Lair movie for literally years. We just got another snippet of news recently that Netflix is making not an animated movie, but live action. I was not thrilled to hear this. I would much prefer a hand drawn, animated movie. The good news was that they want Ryan Reynolds to play the hero, Dirk. I kinda like that idea.

So obviously that was enough to set me off and drawing (what else can I really do, as I am writing this we are still in quarantine for the …

The Child!

OMG! I can't believe I forgot to post this one here. As you know, you have to post all over the different social medias these days and I get bad at keeping them all straight. Actually, this blog suffers the most as I am sure it has become the bottom feeder at seeing my work. Unfortunate as it really has been my favorite way of posting and interacting although I guess it also has it's drawbacks now as people have less and less attention spans and don't want to invest in reading my incoherent babble about this and that. Thanks if you made it this far! ;)

OK. So this little guy has taken the worlds heart and I can't blame them.


More Orion!

While I was in Chicago this past year for C2E2, I got asked a few times to actually draw comic book characters. It doesn't happen very often as people usually want me to paint a portrait for them while at my table. So I did a few b/w sketches and I was pretty pleased with how they came out. I also doodled a bit in my sketchbook and came pretty close to finishing one of Orion of The New Gods!  A big favorite of mine and I was pretty jazzed how the drawing was coming out. When I got home, I made a few more revisions and called it finished. I didn't initially ink it because of reasons that still may come to light so I will save that for a future post. But then the pandemic started and I had a bit more free time on my hands and I wound up nibbling at it more and more until I just wound up finishing it. I also decided to keep it under wraps but then more time past and then wound up sharing with a few friends. They were very enthusiastic about it and prodded me into sharing what I d…

Lost In Space!

Well it's done and I'm pretty happy with it. I feel like I am incorporating a bit more of my "comic-book" aspect to my work and this one seems to have a bit more polish to it and definitely not as gritty. They just recently announced a third and final season of the show and I for one am looking forward to it.

Lost In Space!


Also, here is the final composition without color so you can see all the "inking" I did for it.

More Lost in Space Progress!

It's a bit of a crazy time still as I sit and write this afternoon. We are in the midst of "social distancing" as it's being called. Basically it's quarantine. So with my convention sheduale being reworked as shows are being cancelled or postponed, I got some time to do a few more pics for when they start up again. But I also keep getting side-tracked and bouncing from picture to picture and then back again. Not a horrible thing actually as I am enjoying a multiple of styles and techniques.

So I finally made my way round to doing more for my Lost In Space picture based on the new Netflix series. In fact, they just recently announced that it will be renewed for a third and final season. Here's to hoping it ends on a high note!

So here are my pictures. Enjoy!

2020 Tour Update!

Not really a tour but I thought it was a good headline. So, as of this writing, we are in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. College sports have been shut down, MLB and NBA are postponed, the XFL has been canceled and it's hard to find toilet paper in the stores. Also, the large conventions that I have been tabling at have been postponed as well. Hopefully just postponed. I honestly don't know what to expect next but I hope it's good news. I have never experienced anything like this and it's a feeling of uncertainty that is very weird. Right now there seems to be people who are calling it a plague and others who insist that the media is blowing this all out of proportion. I was firmly in the latter camp but now I just don't know. I don't think my immediate family is in and mortal danger as we are not elderly or sickly and that gives me some comfort. I hope that a coming post is about this all being done and over with.

Be safe. Be kind. Wash your hands.

Hey. Di…

Lost in Space: Work in Progress!

So I've been plugging away bit by bit on a Lost in Space pic. You know I have fond memories of the original and I was eager, yet skeptical of the new series on Netflix. Turns out, I really enjoyed it! So relieved. Just waiting on an announcement of a season 3 now.

So here are my work in progress pieces of my picture in the making.


Batman Experiment!

Experiment? Why experiment? I'm glad you asked. It's not really a big deal actually. At least I don't really think so. I was just trying to get the best out of myself. For several shows that I do, there is a charity auction that I like to participate in. I was running really late with getting something done for a few of them and was getting desperate. As you may know, I have been working on my "comic book" look for a while now and have made more strides in my digital inking than my traditional so I thought I would put my best foot forward and draw and ink my picture digitally and then have it printed on paper good enough to hand paint over it. Still all my own work and hoping that the results would warrant such a process. I was very happy with the final result of my first attempt actually but I am worried how the public will perceive it. Is it cheating??? I hope not.

What do you think?

And while we are at it, here is the same picture on a digitally altered black …

What's in a logo?

This was started as a joke about twenty years ago! I actually thought about mocking it up back in the day but finding the appropriate fonts and images was much harder back then kids and I was a stickler for getting it right! So I recently found the working files on an old disc while looking for something else, it always works that way, and decided to finish it. Was really quick too!


Spider-Man drawing

Here is a recent Spider-Man drawing done on an old comic backing board with ink and watercolor. I love drawing Spidey so this was a lot of fun! I remember this pose from an old comic but I don't know which one it was so I apologize if this was a "swipe".


Here is the final on my new Ghostbusters pic!


Who Ya Gonna Call?

Ghostbusters has been one of my favorite movies since I first saw it on the big screen when it premiered. I remember going several times by taking the bus with my friends that summer. I've seen it about a million times since on VHS and then DVD. I took my son to see it when he was young while it was playing locally on the big screen and I geek out every time I see an Ecto-1 just like I do when I see a Batmobile!

So it's been a while since I have had a Ghostbusters print so I thought it was way overdue to have a new one! I actually started this a few years ago but was never sold on the composition so I put it up on the shelf and let it stew for a bit. I finally took it back down and then I finally came up with something I was happy with.

So here are the drawings and such leading up to the finished piece.


And here are a few with some rough color being added: