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Batman Experiment!

Experiment? Why experiment? I'm glad you asked. It's not really a big deal actually. At least I don't really think so. I was just trying to get the best out of myself. For several shows that I do, there is a charity auction that I like to participate in. I was running really late with getting something done for a few of them and was getting desperate. As you may know, I have been working on my "comic book" look for a while now and have made more strides in my digital inking than my traditional so I thought I would put my best foot forward and draw and ink my picture digitally and then have it printed on paper good enough to hand paint over it. Still all my own work and hoping that the results would warrant such a process. I was very happy with the final result of my first attempt actually but I am worried how the public will perceive it. Is it cheating??? I hope not.

What do you think?

And while we are at it, here is the same picture on a digitally altered black …

What's in a logo?

This was started as a joke about twenty years ago! I actually thought about mocking it up back in the day but finding the appropriate fonts and images was much harder back then kids and I was a stickler for getting it right! So I recently found the working files on an old disc while looking for something else, it always works that way, and decided to finish it. Was really quick too!


Spider-Man drawing

Here is a recent Spider-Man drawing done on an old comic backing board with ink and watercolor. I love drawing Spidey so this was a lot of fun! I remember this pose from an old comic but I don't know which one it was so I apologize if this was a "swipe".


Here is the final on my new Ghostbusters pic!


Who Ya Gonna Call?

Ghostbusters has been one of my favorite movies since I first saw it on the big screen when it premiered. I remember going several times by taking the bus with my friends that summer. I've seen it about a million times since on VHS and then DVD. I took my son to see it when he was young while it was playing locally on the big screen and I geek out every time I see an Ecto-1 just like I do when I see a Batmobile!

So it's been a while since I have had a Ghostbusters print so I thought it was way overdue to have a new one! I actually started this a few years ago but was never sold on the composition so I put it up on the shelf and let it stew for a bit. I finally took it back down and then I finally came up with something I was happy with.

So here are the drawings and such leading up to the finished piece.


And here are a few with some rough color being added: