...and here I am.

Sometimes you learn things the hard way. I guess that is so you never make that mistake again. What is that they say? Fool me once...... . Well, my computer had some issues after I came home from a trip to Atlanta and had to be overhauled (quick shout-out to Doug!) and in the process I had forgotten to back up my files for the current version of my website. The website is still up but in order to update it, I must first re-create all the content. Faced with that and the news that a good friend of mine has also started a blog made me re-think this whole blogging deal. I know I read them on an almost daily basis. Or at least check out the artwork posted on them. Yeah, most of what I read are blogs by other artists. I always wish I was as good as ( insert name here. ).

So what will I write?? How often will I post?? Will anyone really care??? I don't have any answers right now. I think that I will post periodically and show some work that I may not have already on my website or work that is in progress for feedback. Or I will just enjoy the stream of conscious style of writing that seems good for the soul. Enjoy!


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