Flash Gordon

I love Flash Gordon. Alex Raymond was a real genius and the work still holds up today. I even love those old Flash Gordon movie serials from the 1930's starring Buster Crabbe. I still laugh at the sheer camp of the Sam Jones 1980 romp. What I really dislike, however, is the new series on the Sci-Fi Channel. I tried to watch it. I really have and it never got any better. If any of you saw the one where Flash's friend got bit by a Mongo bug and had to be depressed at his brother's wedding in order to live can attest. Does that even remotely SOUND like a Flash Gordon plot??? If that is what they mean by re-imagined for today, I will gladly take yesterday.

So, here it is. My first piece of artwork on my blog. Since I am on this topic I found this to be relevant. I will fess up to the fact that I started this work way back in 1998. Now, that does not mean that I have been working non-stop since then. Hardly. I wish I had more time to finish it actually since it is in the final stages of completion. What I am showing you is really just a "detail" of part of it. The real work is actually very involved and looks more like a movie poster with lots of characters, space ships and what have you. Take a look.

What I also love to do and secretly desire ( well, not so secret now! ) to do for a living is develop cartoons. I love taking properties and attempt to make them work in animated form. I don't really make up my own characters so much as use what is out there. I like to "play with other people's toys", to quote John Byrne. So several years ago I got the notion in me to develop, you guessed it, Flash Gordon. Now I know that there have been several animated takes on him already but I ignored those when working on mine. I thought that the sleek, deco style that Bruce Timm was using for Batman (and Superman, etc., etc. ) would be perfect for Flash if he was taken from the 30's. I actually found my original drawings and the final colored art as well. Enjoy!


  1. Love the Flash Gordon stuff and I'm right there with you... the New Sci-Fi series sucks! I gave it 3 chances and each time lasted about 10 minutes before I couldn't stomach anymore of the horrible dialogue. It has none of the feel of Flash Gordon at all. Lets hope the guys who though that up all die of syphilis!


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