Nova, The Human Rocket

Ok, since I already posted what I would do for Flash Gordon if I were designing an animated version, here is another. Nova! The Human Rocket! If you are old enough to remember the mid-70's, you might remember an un-remarkable comic produced by Marvel of the same name. I loved it! It only lasted 25 issues and Marvel has tried to re-introduce him several times since but they all met with cancellation as well. There is a current one out now that I don't see lasting too long. I think they changed the character way to much. When he started out, he was like Peter Parker without his brains. Making him even more of a loser who suddenly gets super-powers from a dying alien while having a soda in an ice-cream shop!! Sound corny?? Yeah, but I recently read an interview with his creator (Marv Wolfman, who also co-created the New Teen Titans for DC comics and had THAT adapted to a cartoon series.) and he stated that Nova was created for kids. For the same type of reader that loved Spider-Man at the same age. Then it really hit me how cool he would be for a cartoon! I stared drawing. I found myself doodling him alot and the design naturally stared to evolve. I am still drawing him and I probably will for a bit when I have the time. I am really enjoying it at the moment. I may have to break out my sculpy and try my hand at making a maquette again. Who knows. Anyway, here is my version of Nova.


  1. These are great, Jon. I like the page of doodles where you're really getting expressive posing, action, and attitude down. I think I recall seeing the Flash Gordon Bruce Timm stuff which is really well done. It's nice to see you doing more original cartoon character design - it looks like you have a knack for it, I'd love to see more.


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