Art Rage!!!!!!!

No, this is nothing like "roid rage" for the nerd contingent of the art world. This is the most fun program that I have stumbled across. Now I know that several of you out there have heard me go on about this before but for the uninitiated ArtRage is a painting program for those of us that were befuddled with Painter. Or couldn't afford Painter. It was designed by some of the fellas that made the original Painter if I am not mistaken and they have broken it down to the bare bones. A simple painting program and nothing more. It has a clean, well laid out interface and the learning curve is about an hour! Now this is not a replacement for Painter nor is it a photo-editing device like Photoshop, but it does work with Photoshop and does a couple things that I wish Photoshop did (live rotating screen for one!). Check it out for yourself. They have a free version with most of the applications and the full version is a whopping $25.00. Yup, only 25 bucks!!! Really? How could you go wrong???

Here is the first painting I did with it. Most of it was done with the free version .

Here is what my 3 year old son did with it the other night. No kidding!


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