How reading improved my art.

I am an idiot. I know most of you had that conclusion already but let me wallow for a moment in my own ignorance. I bought a book a few years ago looking to improve what I knew about Photoshop painting. The author's work was impressive and I glanced thru it noting how the pictures of what he was discussing looked like what I already knew. A few days ago I pulled the book back off my bookshelf and looked for something or another that I thought was in said tome. Then something unexpected happened to me. I actually started to READ the book. The more I read the more I wanted to get up and go to my computer and follow along with what I was reading. AND THEN I DID!! Who would have thought???? Then it was like the clouds in my brain parted and I finally saw the light. I actually learned something! It turns out, I really had no idea what he was trying to show me in the marvellous book and that I could actually not only do things better but faster!! Now I want to read even more and finish the thing before the updated version comes out!!!

Here is the book. It is by Don Seegmiller. Look him up. Even if his work is not your cup of tea, he can still show you alot of tricks and applications that Photoshop is capable of.

Ok. Here is an example of what I painted while using lessons from the book. Here is the thumbnail I started with. The original is only about 2" high and done in pencil and watercolor wash.

Here is the finished painting I did all in Photoshop. I may have gone overboard with things but I was experimenting. I like it at the moment tho.


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