Maybe I'm not such a good neighbor.

Ever have a "friend of a friend" call on you for help?? I have been getting that alot lately. Funny thing is that my friend (who is the friend of a friend's friend) no longer lives here. One such is person I don't even know that well. I really don't think we would be friends if not for the common friend. You getting all this?? She is one of those people who is supposedly really smart (and lets you know that.) but keeps doing dumb things without thinking. I know I do dumb things all the time but I never claim to be smart. Anyway, the night before Thanksgiving she managed to lock herself out of the house late at night in nothing but a nightie. This was not, apparently, the first time that she has done this. Well, maybe the nightie part was new. Well, my door was actually open and the lights on for some reason as the wife and I prepared to go to sleep when there came a faint knock. Sure enough, we were her last resort. My wife, of course, invited her in and then we started making calls to see if we could get her back into her house so she could finish packing for a holiday trip. Then we waited and made uncomfortable chit-chat. I offered her jackets and sweatshirts to cover up but she refused everything and opted to be embarrassed of her attire. Her choice. I tried. So I was a little amused when she posted her story and stated, "They let me in and tried not to stare at me in my half-naked state." WOW! Staring at her was the farthest thing from my mind. In fact it was hard to just look at her. Hours passed and then finally around 1:00 am the locksmith showed up. I found out later that just before the locksmith "did his thing", she found a spare key and opened the door.
Early the next morning I was walking the dog and was really barely awake when her car comes zooming up and stops in my driveway. She is dressed this time at least. She smiles and tells me that she locked herself out of the house. I laugh. Then she repeats it. My fog begins to slightly clear and I ask," You serious?". She was. She did it again in less than six hours. Round two. Invite her in and start calling people. Even her ex-husband (who had a key the first time she did this). Finally the same locksmith came back out to laugh at her and let her in. We now have a spare key.

So just how is this art related?? It's not. But I did want to try emulating another style of simple shapes and strokes and this seemed like a good image to work with. I seem to like it enough but I want to try more and experiment with the brushes a bit more. 


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