Flash Gordon:Start to Finish. Part 1-Thumbanails

Ten years ago I did a small thumbnail on a scrap of paper in the Campus Store where I worked in college. Classes had ended and was just prior to graduation. I had done a few "poster style" pieces of art for my senior project and there was a few subjects I didn't have time for. Flash Gordon was one of the them. You might remember from earlier posts how much I have always liked the character (if you don't remember, go check it out on my archive. NOW!). I had also just discovered Photoshop and became curious how I could incorporate digital technology into my art. How naive I was! Well, alot more thumbnails followed. I had gotten comments from some faculty members during my senior project that my project should have been thumbnails!! I really like doing them I guess. I love the exploration of shapes. Or maybe I just suck and it takes me forever to find something that works!

It's not uncommon to put aside projects for personal use when faced with doing work that puts food on the table. That's what happened here. It kept getting put aside. Again and again. But I kept coming back to it. Two months ago, I came back to it again and decided that I really needed to finish the project before the ten year anniversary. I am elated to say that not only did I meet the deadline imposed by myself, but I have also exceeded my own expectations with the final product. So I thought I would share the whole process with you all. Hence the title "start to finish". Part one seen here is all the thumbnails I could find and scan in. It spanned about five sketchbooks and untold amounts of scrap paper. I even stumbled upon a few in books on my shelf crammed between pages of reference. I arranged them the best I could since time has washed away any true order and I also remind you that they were not all done prior to moving on to the next stage. I revisited thumbnailing many times during the process as changes were made. In fact, there is no thumbnail I could find that actually looks exactly like the final composition since last minute revisions were done digitally in the final file. So have a peek and stay tuned for Part Two: The Drawings.


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