Flash Gordon:Start to Finish. Part 4-Mock up & Color Study

When I did my first mock up in Photoshop, I was still not actually thinking of doing the final in a digital application. This must have been done around 1999 or 2000. Notice that the laser rifle in Flash's hands is not even finished but I had already changed the head. Most elements are actually my reference pasted in as placeholders until I could complete my drawings. Still thinking that I would do full rendered drawings for every element by hand.

Sometime after that I must have made the decision to forge ahead and try to complete the job in Photoshop. The first color comp is relatively unchanged from the black and white mock and the coloring looks quite crude now, but at the time I actually thought that I was almost done!! Little did I realise what was ahead.


  1. These do look good. Have you considered doing a graphic novel of Flash Gordon in your style? That would be an interesting project. Keep the stuff coming.


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