Flash Gordon:Start to Finish. Part 5-More Changes

Well, alot of time has passed again. Somewhere around 2003 I decided to revisit the project and re-paint my characters since I was now much more comfortable with working in Photoshop. When version 7 came out with the much improved brush engine, it really made a difference in my work. Coupled with that, the file handling of layers became easier too. It's SO hard to go backwards with your work, thus a re-paint was necessary. I also had gained better reference for Flash himself once again so I did a quick test painting and then proceeded to make the change. You can also see that some elements are still just paste in's of reference but it's starting to look finished. I got alot of prodding to finish at this point. My friend Tim even bought me a reproduction of an original Flash Gordon serial poster as inspiration for me to finish it. I could almost taste it!!!



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