Well, I hurt my back last Sunday and I can't believe that it actually affected my painting process but it did and as a result I feel old. I am sure that will pass by this evening when I go see Dark Knight and become a 13 year old geek again. Ah yes!! Seems like yesterday I had a Batman party at my mom's house before the first Michael Keaton movie. Wait!! That was back in 1989!! I AM OLD!!! Until tonight!! I am so confused now. What kind of tangent am I on anyway. It might be this really strong coffee I am drinking while pretending to be busy at work. ANYWAY, here is my latest painting. Donald Duck of course. This one is 20x24, acrylic on canvas. Now I will take a little break from painting, straighten my studio and then begin my Peter Pan. Looking forward to that one.


  1. Hey Buddy! Sorry to hear about your back. Hopefully, you hurt it doing something incredibly manly. If not, I'd start making up an excuse. Saving children from a well is always good.

    Anyway, dig the paintings. I wouldn't worry about the time it takes you. In my opinion, I find it hard to put a price on things by the amount of time they take you. As you improve and get better, your projects go quicker. Does that mean you should make less money the better you get? No, I'd base it on your years of experience and the quality of the work. Just my two cents.

  2. However long it takes you to make a piece doesn't matter. What matters is what you get out of it.

    Sometimes too much time is a bad thing, makes you second guess things, etc.


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