A Little Goofy

I feel a bit like I am cheating with this work. The Mickey Mouse painting done in the similar style was done spur of the moment and it wound up being well praised and sold VERY quickly. Converting that to dollars per hour was huge!! So with Disney wanting more, I now have Goofy ready to go and Donald on the easel. I should probably keep my mouth shut about them taking only about 3 hours each to render the final painting. I know I am inviting criticism and such my way for both pro and con sides of this argument. But then again, I never considered myself to be too bright. Don't get me wrong, I do find these paintings to be fun and a good departure from my usual approach and that is as much as I like to normally like to think about that but I have to write SOMETHING here for you all to read or I am cheating in that arena as well. When will it all end????? I don't like cheaters. My brother used to cheat all the time, especially at Monopoly. So much so I still refuse to play with him now. Maybe that's why he keeps buying me different versions of it for birthdays and Christmas. Who knows. I don't even know what I am writing about any more.


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