Pigs Revisited

So, my grammar school class has been actively communicating lately. They even had a get-together recently and talks are underway for a full-blown reunion. A certain topic has been brought up several times in emails and in the current class forum. That topic is a comic that I drew for my class way back when. Power Pig. I, of course, remember doing it and getting writing help from Chris and Therese used to color it for me. I don't recall how many adventures he had and to be honest I had completely forgotten that he had a worm as a sidekick. Alas, so far, no art has been saved from that time. I don't even remember his costume besides a black mask and a cape of some color. So it was put to me, "How would you design him now?" and that is what I have to show you. It has been a lot of fun doodling him and such as you can see. I have several images to share too! I hope that some classmates from St. Mary's will see these.

Here are some doodles from my sketchbook. Just done with a ballpoint pen and wash and only about an inch, inch and a half tall.

Here is a final inked version that you might want to print out for your kids to color. (click on it for a larger image if you didn't already know that.)

Here is the same art done kinda funky that I thought would make a cool T-Shirt.

...and here is the image yet again in a full-on, blown out digitally painted version.Enjoy!


  1. Love the green one and I agree it would make an awesome t-shirt


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