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I couldn't sleep. Went to my studio after everyone else was and lost myself in some drawing. Was nice since it really has been awhile since I have been up late like this just drawing for myself. I know that I will pay for it in the morning tho. Had a sketch of myself in my book that I decided to render and use as my new pic. Not too keen on the whole self-portrait thing. Had to do an awful lot of them back in first year art school and I have not been too happy about the way I looked since. I recently lost about 60 pounds to date and can actually stand looking in the mirror once in a while now. Maybe I need to go to bed now or maybe I should call Nelson. I bet he is up working too.


  1. I was up at that time!! You should have called.

    Nice portrait. Perhaps we can have that as the logo on our jersey's sleeve!


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