Super Secret Monkey Squad

I have had this idea in my head for years now. I even kicked it around with my friend Tim about how it would work and such. Ideas flew back and forth at a frenzy. We love the idea! Problem is, neither Tim or myself are writers. We know what we would want to see but can't actually script it. I may have some help in that area soon. Anyway, after much doodling in my sketchbook I seem to have settled on these drawings at the present time. Things are still pretty fluid but I like the direction right now. The basic premise is that the government has always had a secret organization to handle things that were too dangerous for mere men. They have the Super Secret Monkey Squad. You have even seen them. The first primate in space. Ham. Or better known now as simply "H". The current group is led by Julius, Tiberius, and Augustus. Here are some sketches and the first bit of "finished" art with the logo.


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