Happy Birthday Dad

The oldest picture in my possession is of my father drawn when I was not yet six. I sort of have memories of actually drawing it too. I have clear memories of my older brother writing "Jon is a pig" above it tho. I would actually frame this pic if not for the just mentioned vandalism that it received. Thanks Glenn!! I do like to look at it from time to time tho. While recently gazing upon it I decided to "paint it". I see alot of modern illustrators/artists working in a funky, primitive style that this might actually work with. I cleaned it up in Photoshop and then painted really loose behind it in ArtRage. I even like how it turned out. Someone didn't even know that the drawing was done when I was five! Wait! Is that a good thing??? Anyway I got it done just in time for what would have been Dads 76th birthday. Here is a scan of the original (with the pig reference edited out!) and the revision. Enjoy.


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