All Coming together

During a recent online search of artist representation, I came across,I believe, a British artist whose style really caught my eye. I looked it over for quite some time but I didn't save the name or image because I did not want to start directly copying his look. That was several weeks ago and finally last night I drew a quick sketch that I thought would be good for me to emulate based on what I remembered of it. I was drawn to it because it collected all the things that I like to use in my pics. Only I have been bouncing from one style to the next and one program to the next in utilizing a particular style. In this, I decided to use what I liked from each program and combine them. Genius eh? Well, I never made claims to be smart! The sketch was actually done by hand ( I am not adverse to using the computer but I really wanted the control I can only get by hand.), then scanned in and inked in Illustrator and really working the thick and thins. All the flat colors were done in Illustrator as well. Then I opened it in Photoshop keeping the separate layers and re-saved it as a .psd. Then I opened it in ArtRage to render the parts that I wanted to have a painterly feel. I did every part separate so I could easily cut away the excess back in PS later. ArtRage does not allow you to do this unless you create stencils and that would take too many layers and too much time. It may look ugly at this stage but that's cool. Then I re-exported a new Photoshop document from ArtRage and cleaned up the paint, adjusted colors and added some textures and the cup and saucer. I feel like I really played my strengths on this one and I am quite pleased with the results. I am eager to try my hand at this again and try to do a likeness of someone and see how that turns out. It may crash and burn but unless you try to fly you won't find out!

The Sketch:

The Ink:

The Paint:

The Final:


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