Glory Days

As I wait for my newest painting to dry in order to scan it in (and then hopefully sell!), I thought I would go back and re-explore a painting that I am not allowed (to date) sell. Mr. Incredible. I can't remember why I went ahead and painted it since I think I knew I could not get Pixar approval to sell it at Disney. I think I just really wanted to paint it for myself. I thought that you don't see enough of Mr. Incredible in his glory days, and I did like the blue suit better than the generic red one. I thought this is something you would find in his room of memorabilia. I am still very happy with the result and when I was just looking it over I found a preliminary drawing I had rolled up and slipped into the canvas frame. I have no memory of doing that and that is something I don't make a habit of but it was fun to see. I have included that one here as well. Enjoy!


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