Pan's the Man

Finally painted and it's finally dry. I had this on my easel for almost a year it seems since paintings seemed to stop selling at the Disney Galleries. Right after I found out that I had actully sold the last one I had on property I began to paint again. Was nice too. I really enjoyed it. I really wish the scan of the finished painting looked as good as the original tho. It doesn't come close!! This one will be hard to give up since Pan is my favorite but you all know I need the money so I hope it goes quick. I managed to take pics of it with my iPhone while I was painting. Didn't really mean to track its progress but that is what I would up with. Just wish I had the underpainting and the background only stages captured as well, but I don't. Oh well. The final is 18 x 24, oil on canvas. Enjoy.


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